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100+ Blogging Ideas Topics for Beginners to Start a Blog in 2021

Ideas for blog posts are endless, but sometimes it helps to have a little spark to get your ideas flowing.

In this post, you’ll find 100+ Blogging Ideas Topics for Beginners to Start a Blog in 2021.

100+ Blogging Ideas Topics for Beginners to Start a Blog in 2021

These ideas range from serious to silly and you’ll find some are a better fit than others for your style of blog and your goals.

But before you choose any of these ideas, stop to answer these two questions:

1.  How can I make this post valuable for my readers?

Your audience is exchanging valuable time they can’t get back when they stop to read your post.  Is it worth it?

Ask these questions to help you focus on the value for your reader:

  • What action can my reader take after they read this post?
  • Does this solve a problem or provide helpful information?
  • Have I gotten straight to the point and cut out unnecessary fluff?
  • Am I using stories and visuals to illustrate the point?
  • Will this make my reader’s life better in some way?
  • Is there a “next step” action I’ve suggested to encourage them to apply this?

Remember that value is defined in many different ways.  Value might be a step-by-step video or guide that offers a solution.  It might be the smile you bring to someone’s day with your wit & humor.  It could be the insight you offer into a problem and the perspective shift you guide your reader through that helps them to think differently.

2.  Will this post create value for me?

Creating blog content is an investment of YOUR valuable time and it should be worth it.

Ask yourself:

  • Why am I writing this specific post?
  • How does this build my business and/or my community (does it lead to opt-ins, offers to work with you, generate engagement)?
  • Does this content do a good job of positioning me the way I want (are you shooting for authority, expert, trusted adviser, regular guy or gal, someone you’d want to have coffee with)?

And Now… On to the Ideas!

These are creative writing prompts.  Ideas to get things going in your brain so your fingers are happily inspired and typing away.

Some might seem crazy or boring.  Not all will be a great fit for you.  But I dare you not to find at least one idea that sparks something for you in this list!

If Keyboards Could Talk

What would your keyboard say if it could talk?

Would it share your process for writing and editing your posts (or emails or ebooks or other content you create)?

Whisper a few secrets about the challenges that happen in your home office and how you deal with them?

Share how you’ve grown and evolved over the last few years?

Give away the secrets of your schedule and productivity?

My Favorite Thing About Facebook

Are you a Facebook (or other social networks) fan?  Why?  What’s the value in it for you?  How do you interact there?

Or, flip it around and share what’s your least favorite aspect or biggest challenge and how you compensate for it that your readers might be able to learn from.

The Coolest (or Weirdest) Thing I’ve Found in Google

What’s the most interesting blog post, web page, book, resource, tip, strategy, tool, or other search results you’ve come across by searching Google (that would be of interest to your readers, of course!)

Why I Do (or Don’t) Write Poetry, Paint, Sketch…

What do you do to stay creative?  Do you write poetry to exercise those brain muscles?  Or paint?  Sketch?  Play the piano or another instrument?

Share a glimpse into what you do outside blogging to sharpen your writing or creativity.

If I Were Writing a Screenplay

You’ve been commissioned to write a screenplay.  Go!

Would you share your own life story?  What events and why?

Would you create an alternate reality?  Cast yourself as the hero or heroine?

What moments or stories from that imaginary screenplay could you share to inspire or teach your readers?

A Turning Point

We’ve all had those moments.

You have something valuable to share with an audience.

What have your turning points been?  What led you to what you do now in life?

My Love Affair With…

If your business were in love, what product, service, strategy, or tool would it be madly in love with?  Have you shared that with your blog readers?

Interview With…

Choose someone who’s no longer living to create a fictional interview with.  Be clear it’s fictional and share the answers or advice you think they’ve to give based on what you know about the person.

Share a Charity or Cause You Care About

What charities or causes do you support?  What’s close to your heart and why?

Does your team sponsor events or volunteer with charities?  Could you showcase that on your blog with photos or a video?

Could you create an opportunity for your readers to donate or get involved with a cause you care about or ask them what causes matter to them and choose one of their suggestions to donate to as a company?

If I Ran the World

If you were suddenly in charge of the world, what changes would you make?

You can look at this on a grand scale, or you can bring it closer to home… what do you see in yourself, your company, your hometown, your state, your country, your industry, your circle of colleagues, etc that you’d like to change?

Consider a post about sharing why change is needed and what steps individuals can take to encourage that change.

5 Books You Need to Read

Create a recommended reading list for your clients.

Share the top 5 books they need to read and for each book on your list include a summary of what you found particularly valuable or why it made your list.

The One Thing I Do Every Day

What are the key elements in your routine that lead to your success, or success for your clients?  Choose one and share it with your readers along with ideas on how they can create the same habit and see results.

Or you could share a habit or action that you realized was a mistake or wasn’t supporting your goals and how you shifted to a better choice.

Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

Winter in Alaska winter brings a lot of cold, snow, ice… and along with it hot chocolate, sledding, snowmen, and beautiful views of falling snowflakes.

What lessons could I share based on those thoughts?

  • What I’ve learned from driving on ice and snow and how those lessons apply to blogging or business
  • What Starbucks or local coffee shops are doing right (or wrong) to get me to venture out in blowing snow with my children to enjoy drinks in their shops (customer service, environment, etc)
  • Watching my children work together and learn the process to create a snowman and how we go through a similar process as adults in business – or how even when it falls apart they focus on having had fun, learning what didn’t work, and they just go for it again

Think about your winter experiences – what have they taught you, what do they illustrate?

Creativity Lessons from Children

Somewhere in that “growing up” process so many of us lose our fearless creativity.  What can we learn from watching children and how can we apply it to get that adventurous, resilient spirit back?

What did you learn as a child that you held on to and has served you as an adult in your business or life?

Magazine Cover Story

If you (or your family or business) were to be on the cover of a magazine, which one would it be and why?

Interview an Interesting Friend/Colleague/Client

Just ask a few interesting questions and share the answers them in a blog post.  You could do a written interview (just send the questions via email) or schedule a time to record audio or video.

Interview Yourself

You could approach this a couple of ways:

  • Make questions to answer
  • Invite a friend or colleague to interview you (audio, video, or written)
  • Open it up to your subscribers, readers, or social media followers and invite them to send you questions then choose which to answer in an “interview” on your blog

Technology I Can’t Live Without

What are the core pieces of technology you use, and why?

Some blogging ideas around this:

  • What’s one piece of tech that’s made you more productive or saved your sanity?
  • Do you have a top 5 list of recommended apps for your clients or industry?
  • Is there technology that makes compliance easier for your industry?
  • What’s a required task (like the bookkeeping) that your clients may not enjoy that you can offer a solution to (check out Wave accounting)?

How I Overcome Obstacles

What process do you use when you run into an obstacle?  How do you deal with it?

What type of support do you find most helpful when you’re dealing with obstacles?

Or, what obstacles do your clients most frequently run into?  Can you choose one and offer a few tips to your readers to help them see how they can overcome it?

What I Do When I Fail

How do you pick yourself up and keep going after a failure?  Public failure?  Private failure?

Is there a client case study you can share of how together you as a team with the client turned around a failure into a big success?

Could you write about a big company or celebrity and break down either how they dealt with a failure beautifully and rebounded or offer some advice to them about how to do that?

If I Were My Mother I’d Tell Myself…

It’s the voice in your head.  What’s it telling you about business, life, or chirping in the background?

Whether you want to give it a hug or ask it nicely to be a little quieter, it can inspire a range of blog posts from how to accept or ask for wisdom and guidance, to how to deal with those who don’t support your dreams.

What I Wish They’d Invent

What’s a “missing piece” for you or clients that someone should invent?  What’s the closest that’s out there today and how could it be improved?

What X Will Be Like In 10 Years

Predict a specific element of the future.  You could write about your industry, or some element of it, and share how you think it will change and how best to prepare for that change.

Business Tools Worth the Money

What are some tools, services, etc you’ve invested in that were worth every penny?

You could create a “top 10” list or review one or two on your blog.

Be sure to alert the company you’re recommending – they may share your post or use your testimonial if you give them permission.

My Favorite Free Tools/Resources

Have you run across cool free tools or resources your clients would love?

You could…

  • Create a step by step guide of how to use one
  • Shoot a quick screencast video to show how it works
  • Make a checklist of free tools

If I Could Only Visit One Website Today…

You wake up and your computer and internet are restricted to ONE website for the day.  Which would you choose?

If you could only use one website for a specific task (like to connect with potential clients, do research, etc), which one would that be?

Best Bumper Sticker I’ve Seen Lately

If I wrote a political blog, this one idea could be an endless source of inspiration!

What are some great (or not so great) bumper stickers you’ve seen, and why do you feel that way about them?  What lessons or ideas there relate to your readers?

Search Pinterest, Amazon or Google Images to see what comes up, or just take a quick drive, and you might run into some that say things like…

  • Question Authority (who are the authorities in your industry and are they right?)
  • Practice Random Acts of Self-Kindness (how about writing on life balance and your thoughts around it?)
  • If you can read this, you’re too close (got “safety” tips to share with your readers?)

How to Reinvent Yourself

We change and grow both personally and in business.  How do you approach those times of reinvention?  What ideas can you share with others who are in transition?

What types of transitions do your ideal readers/client struggle with?  Could you write about some ways to make those transitions easier and faster?

A Product or Shift That Changed My Business

What big shifts or new products have changed things in your business or your industry?  Why?  Who were the winners and losers in the change?  What’s coming next?

One Person, I’m Glad I Met

Alive or historical, who’s made a difference for you and why?  Share how you connected with the person and the lessons you’ve learned from your relationship with them.

What Others Said

What quotes motivate, inspire, or even anger you?

Blog about why and ask your readers to share their quotes.

Lessons I Learned Starting Out in Business

What lessons did you learn when you first went into business for yourself?  What do you wish you’d known that would have made that curve easier?

Did you make mistakes that could have been avoided?  Did you skyrocket to success in an area that you can explain how others can duplicate?

A Tale of Two Clients

You’ve had “perfect fit” clients… and you’ve had clients that were… not so perfect…

Blog about what makes a great client vs. a not-so-great client.  What characteristics do your ideal clients have that allow them to get great results in your programs?

How to Know You’re On The Right Path

What are those “road signs” to watch for to know when you’re on the right (or wrong) path that you can share?

How about a checklist for readers with 10 warning signs that they need to make a change because they’re headed right into a disaster?

Intuition and Business

Do you run your business or make decisions based on facts and numbers, your intuition, or a combination of both?  Why or why not?

Is there a time you could share that intuition saved you from a disaster?  Or you didn’t listen to your inner voice and disaster ensued?

Where to Find Support for Your Ambitions

Being an entrepreneur can be a big challenge and sometimes it can be lonely when others around you don’t understand.  How do you deal with that?  Where do you look for support?  How have you learned to enlist others in providing the type of support you need (how do you get them “on board” with your dreams)

Who Are You and Why Do You Blog?

How about a post to introduce or re-introduce yourself to your readers.  Share who you are, why you blog, and what you enjoy most about blogging.  You could share what prompted you to start your blog, too.

Lessons Learned in Tough Times

Write about a challenging time or circumstance you succeeded in spite of and how you got through it or where you found the strength to get past it.

Or twist this idea around, what’s the most difficult part of the journey your clients face?  Write a post about how you’ve solved that challenge or survived it.

Create & Share a Quote Graphic

There must be millions of inspirational quote graphics.  You can share these (or make your own) and then share a few of your own thoughts about the quote or idea.

Not the “inspirational” type?  Don’t think you’ve got to write something motivational or inspiring.  There are plenty of humorous and sarcastic quotes out there, too.

Here are some great places to find quotes:

And think outside the box on this one — there’s more you can do with a quote style image than just quote someone famous.

Who Do You Admire & Why?

Pick a friend, family member, colleague, business, or whatever/whomever and write a blog post about the quality you most admire in them. Or write about the qualities you most admire in others or aspire to in your own life.

If you’re blogging for business, choose someone you consider an authority, mentor, or thought leader and share them with your readers.  You could tell how you connected with them or why you’d recommend them.


Do you make resolutions?  You could share why or why not.  Or, share what’s worked for you in setting and achieving goals.

What I’d Do Differently if I Were (Insert Big Brand Here)

Be a backseat driver.

If you were in charge of a huge brand what would you do differently and why?  What are they doing right that you love or appreciate?

The One Thing I Wish I’d Known Before…

You know that moment when you realize if you’d only known…

What are some mistakes or oversights you might be able to save your readers from?  Can you offer some wise words of “been there, done that, learned my lesson” advice?

The 5 or 10 Websites I Visit Most Often

Check out your bookmarks to find some great websites to share with your readers.

This can become multiple posts if you choose a theme for each:

  • 5 best websites to find potential clients
  • 3 websites that will teach you X
  • 7 online tools to save you X hours a week

Things I’ve Learned on Twitter

What have you learned from your favorite social network?  Can you share some big takeaways?

Maybe you’ve watched some companies do things right and can share those lessons?  Or share some cautionary tales?

Share a Resource

Share a resource that you’ve found useful, like a website or book.  Got a favorite recipe website?  Craft site for family time?  Gaming site?  How about a book that made a difference for you or that you really enjoyed?

Share a Book Review

This one can work for any blog.  For personal bloggers, review a book your readers would connect with.  Maybe it’s a cookbook, a novel, or a non-fiction book like an autobiography.  For business bloggers, choose a book that shows you keep up with your industry and it’ll help build your credibility.

A review doesn’t have to be long, so forget everything Mrs. Smith taught you in 5th grade.  Just share what you learned or why you fell in love with the book.

This is a great opportunity to try video blogging, too.

One Piece of Advice

What’s a subject or activity you’ve got a lot of knowledge around?

If you were giving your 1 best tip to someone brand new to that subject or activity, what would you tell them?

What do you wish you’d known when you were new to the subject or activity?

First Jobs

What was the first job you held?  Or, what was the first business venture you created?  Have you shared that with your readers before?  You could write about what you learned, what you loved, or how you got from there to where you’re at today.

Take a Survey

Find out more about your readers – set up a survey somewhere like Survey Monkey and introduce it with a link to the survey in your blog post.

You can create a research type survey for your business (what products do they use, colors they prefer, sizes, etc), or you could make it more of a fun, personal survey, or something in between.

Or, a fun twist on this is a one-question survey where readers answer in the comments for an entry into a giveaway or a chance to win a prize.

Your Ideal Reader or Client

Share with your readers who the perfect blog reader or ideal client for you is and why (what are their big goals and how do you help them achieve those).  Invite your readers to share your blog with any friends or colleagues who fit the description.

For businesses, you might offer a description of who you work best with, or try profiling a client (with their permission) who’s been a great fit and got great results from your product or service.

Spy on the Bestseller’s List

Books can provide all sorts of inspiration for blog posts. How about these blog post ideas:

  • Share your favorite fictional character from a book
  • Create a “top 5” required reading list for your clients/industry
  • Write about the book you most remember reading as a child (anyone else love the Ramona Quimby series?)
  • Feature a book that taught you something or changed your perspective
  • If you’re an author, highlight your own book

Hop over to Amazon.com and go to the bestseller list — either the best sellers or top sellers in a particular category that fits with your blog.  You’ll find lots of inspiration just waiting for you.

Borrow a Page From Letterman and Go “Top Ten” Style

You can write this one in many different ways and it doesn’t necessarily have to be 10, just using a list format can get our brains thinking creatively sometimes.

You could share…

  • Top 10 Reasons You Should (fill in the blank)
  • Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t (fill in the blank)
  • Top 5 Reasons I (fill in the blank)
  • Top 5 Blogs You Should Be Reading
  • The 7 Web Tools You Can’t Miss
  • 5 Ways to Succeed at (fill in the blank)
  • The 10 Coolest Places I’ve Visited
  • 5 Blogs I Discovered Recently
  • 10 Random Things About Me
  • My 3 Favorite (fill in the blank)

A Bit of Online Window Shopping

For inspiration, go browse an interesting online retailer and see what pops into your head.

Here are some to try if you aren’t sure where to start:

“Pin” spiration

How about creating an image to share on your blog with a quote or a few thoughts?

Reprint a Portion of Your Book or Ebook

Have you written a book or ebook?  Pull out a portion or chapter that can stand alone and provide value.  Be sure to let readers know that it’s an excerpt from your book or ebook and let them know how they can get their full copy.

Do Something Nice

How could you use your blog to do something nice for someone else?

  • If you’ve been somewhere that had great customer service or products/services lately, why not write a review?  If one particular employee was wonderful, send a link to the review to their employer.  Employers often deal with complaints about employees, but most people don’t take time to stop and honor the ones who do their jobs well.
  • Why not share a testimonial about someone you’ve worked with or a small business you’ve purchased from?  Send it to them directly as well as posting on your blog.
  • Put someone else in the spotlight.  Is there another blogger from who you’ve enjoyed connecting with or learned something?  Share a few links and let your readers know.  This can be a great “round up” list post (just share 4, 5, or 6 links to recent posts on different blogs or websites that you’ve enjoyed with a little summary of each).
  • Share a post about your favorite charity, how they make a difference, and how others can get involved.

What other ways can you do something nice for others with your blog?

What’s Working Now?

What’s something that’s working really well for your clients right now?

Create a blog post sharing that strategy or tactic and give a few tips to your readers to help them get started implementing it, too.

Childhood Teddy Bears

Brainstorming around a teddy bear in my office leads me to these ideas:

  • Share a childhood story.
  • Take a photo of your desk space and share it
  • Talk about the things that “comfort” us as children (or as adults)
  • Share what natural wildlife lives in your area.

What comes to your mind when you think about a teddy bear?

Or, choose a random item that’s on your desk or in your office space and brainstorm around it to see what ideas pop into your head.

Share a Great Video

Find a YouTube video or one from TED Talks that you like (and that would be interesting to your readers).  Share it along with your own comments.

Dear Abby…

Write your own advice column.

You can make up your own questions for this or invite subscribers to send you their questions.

Choose a question that you get asked frequently or one that your customers should be asking and answer.


There are so many different things you could blog about around seasons.  What season is it where you’re at?  Do you love the current season or prefer another?  What’s your favorite thing about the “season of life” you’re currently in?  Or what “season” is your business in right now (start up, growing, established, etc)?

How about a video sharing what it’s like this time of the year in your area?

Create a Resource List

Brainstorm a topic your readers would be interested in and then offer a resource list.  For example…

  • If you sell cloth diapering products your readers most likely have young children, toddlers, or babies. How about a list of links to your favorite websites for fun activities to do with children?
  • If you sell makeup or personal products you could do links to sites with makeup tips or spa day ideas.
  • If you sell plastic food storage products you could do food saving tips lists or great recipe blogs.
  • If you’re into social media you could list your favorite tools.
  • Bloggers could list favorite posts or plugins.

Brainstorm a bit and you’ll come up with something fun and useful for your readers. If you get a large enough list of links, divide it into part one and part two, and you’ve got your next two posts done!

Infographics Rock

Take a bit of a break from writing and share something fun like an infographic.  You can find infographics about everything from marketing to The HIstory of Doctor who.  Something for every blog!

Review a Product You Are an Affiliate For

Why not write a blog post and get paid for it? Are you an affiliate for any online marketers, online services, autoresponder programs, etc?

Be sure to use your affiliate link in your blog post (and let readers know you are an affiliate for the product/service you’re recommending).

Need something to recommend?  Just look at what you’ve recently purchased and loved, then check to see if they’ve got an affiliate program.

Share Positive Feedback

Choose a product you’ve purchased and share your feedback about it.  To make this super useful for your reader, also give them tips on how to get the best results or most out of the product.

If you purchased it from a smaller online business (like an Etsy or Hyena Cart shop) be sure to link to the seller — they’ll appreciate it.

Dreaming About Changing the World

If you could change something in the world, what would you choose to change?  Share that with your readers.  If you’re taking steps to make a difference, tell your readers how and invite them to join you.

You can use this in several different ways.  For a personal blog, you might share something in your own family or town that you’re working to change or help with.  For a business blog you could share your “big picture mission” or a social cause you’ve committed to.

A Photo Journal

Create a photo journal of your production process.

For example, if you’re a knitter, start with a photo of your yarn. Share where you got it, why you choose the colorway, and what you find inspirational about it. Then share a photo of your pattern and why you’re choosing to create that item from it. Take periodic photos as you work on the project and share some details. Then take a photo of the finished item and share your thoughts.

This allows your readers to really connect with your processes and appreciate the effort and passion that goes into each of your creations.

____ is like ____

Compare two unrelated things or tasks.

Might be how blogging is like cooking (I have no idea – you tell me), or how it’s not at all like cooking.

Some very interesting blog posts can come out of comparing two different things.

Take a Deep Breath

What do you do to relax and unwind?  Share a few tips and strategies with your readers.

Or write about the hobbies you enjoy for relaxation.

Hot Topics!

What topics or posts have worked to get your readers talking?

Write about the 3 or 4 blog posts that you have received the most comments on.  Were those comments positive or negative?  Were the posts controversial?  Is there a theme of some sort?  Will you be writing more on that subject?

If your blog doesn’t have a post you’d consider “most popular” yet, then check out Facebook or Twitter to see what’s a hot topic and blog about that.

Your TV “Identity”

What TV show, sitcom, or movie is most like your life or your business, and why?

Which character do you most identify with?  What strengths do you admire in them?

If your team were the cast of a sitcom, who fills what roles, and how do you make that work in your business (team dynamics)?

If you were replaced tomorrow by (insert STAR here) what would he/she change in your business?  Would it work?


Sometimes it just takes hanging on a little bit longer to reach a big achievement and we’ve got to push through the moments of discouragement that happen right before success.

What do you do to help you stay motivated and boost your determination?

Imagine the Future

What will your life/family/blog/business/town/state be like in 1 year?  5 years?  10 years?

Think it’ll be like the Jetsons?  Or more like Star Trek?

What positive changes do you predict will happen?

Speaking of Dreams

Dreams can provide lots of blogging inspiration–both the sleeping kind and the awake kind.

What dreams did you have as child growing up?  Have any come true?  What dreams do you have for the future?

Share Your Top Five

Write a top 5 list.

What are your top 5 favorite TV shows, candy bars, or places to visit?

How about the top 5 lessons you’ve learned about a particular topic or from a specific experience?

A Pitch from Your Product (or Service)

Write a sales letter or interview from the perspective of your product (or service).  For example, grab a photo of your favorite craft creation.  Say it’s a gorgeous mermaid Waldorf doll.  Now,  from her perspective write what she’s looking for in an owner.  Describe what an ideal play date for her would be, and who she’d like to snuggle to sleep.

If you’re a service provider then write from the perspective of an embodiment of your solution or give your computer or your process a personality you can write from.  Explain why it wants to help and how it can be of service in delivering great end results.

Tell a Story

What kind of story could you share on your blog?  True tales can be compelling.  Pretend ones can be fun.

For a business, how about a parable of what happens when people make the biggest mistake you see your clients make, but wrapped in allegory?

Share Your Two Cents on the News

On any given day there are *thousands* of topics in the news.  Share what you think about one of them.

You don’t have to get controversial or go into politics (unless you know that’s something that your niche would be drawn to and react well).  Look at the business news or one of the happy news sites for something inspirational to share.

The Best Dessert

What’s the best dessert you’ve ever eaten?  If you’re a cook, share a photo of it on your blog!  And share the recipe, too.

You could take this idea and talk about your favorite restaurant, cooking show, or something food-related.

Or, you could go for allegory and talk about what the “icing on the cake” is for you in a particular experience, like the best customer service you’ve received, best gift you’ve purchased or received, etc.

An Evening at the Movies

How about sharing your favorite movie of all time and why you love it?  Did it teach you a lesson, or just tickle your funny bone? Do you have a favorite fairy tale or fable?

Not a movie or actor fan?  I’m sure you’ve got some thoughts on Hollywood you could blog about.  Or, just share what you or your family does instead of TV.

It’s Like Cookies and Milk

What goes great with your product or service?  Brainstorm a list of what works with what you do, and then share it.  Recommend other vendors or service providers.  By introducing your readers to options that work with what you offer, you gain several benefits:

  • you’re helping them find other useful services/products
  • you’re building goodwill with the vendors/providers you refer to in your list
  • you’ve associated your own business with others that will plant ideas in your customer’s heads and motivate them to use your particular item/service in connection with another item/service – and if they’ve already got the other they may decide they need yours, too
Share Some “Behind the Scenes” Photos

Let people in on your life with some photographs.

Of course, your website includes photographs of your products or virtual images of your products, but how about some photos of your hometown, the wildlife, or scenery near you?

Troubleshoot It

Consider the most common challenges your target market faces, around the product/service you deliver.  Pick the top 3 or 5 and address them with the solutions.  People appreciate problem solvers!

Or, what solutions have you found that worked well for you or your family?  Do you have a great strategy for couponing, housekeeping, juggling kid activities, staying organized, communicating with your spouse… or something else?

Celebration Lessons

At the last celebration you attended (wedding, birthday, etc) did you take away any lessons you could share?  Anything interesting or funny happen?

Travel Back in Time

With the help of Wikipedia you can find all sorts of interesting things to write about based on the day in history.  Just go to www.wikipedia.org and search for the date.  For example, March 3…

It’s also International Animation Day and the Day Czechoslovakia celebrates its independence as a country.

Be a Myth Buster

What is something that many people assume about your business, industry, geographical area, family/heritage, or religion?

Write a post about the assumption and whether it’s true or not.  You could talk about why people make the assumption and then share facts to support or counter it.

Get it Out

Blog about whatever’s on your mind today.  With the thousands of thoughts that go through our heads, I’m sure you’ve got one or two rattling around in there that’s worth sharing?  Did something brighten your day today?  Or do you need to rant about something?

Tip: do remember everything you write reflects on you (and your business if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner).

Reprint an Article

Go to www.ezinearticles.com and search for a topic that your blog readers could use help with.  Once you’ve found a good article, reprint it on your blog (be sure to keep it just as it was including the resource box at the end).  At the beginning or end you can add a “Note from (your name here):” and explain what you found valuable about the article, any additional tips or thoughts you’ve got on the topic.

Achieving a Goal

Share a celebration post!  Blog about a goal you’ve achieved — the motivation, the challenges, and how you felt or what benefits came with reaching your goal.

What are the benefits for your readers or clients now that you’ve achieved this goal?

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Monthly Wrap Up

Got a couple of favorite posts from this month?  You could do a “wrap up” where you share those, and add a few of your favorite posts you’ve run across this month on other blogs.

Honor Those Who’ve Helped You

One of the best blogging ideas, and a way to honor someone who made a difference in your life, who/why they helped you be who you are today.


Blog about the stages of growth to recognize as one progresses in the subject you offer: the newbie mindset, the intermediate, the sidetracked mindset, how you can recognize when you’ve “arrived”, how to stay fresh, not stagnant, etc. Help them step back and ponder so they can then go forward.

Learned by Experience

Try sharing a personal experience that directly influences your decision processes about either continuing or closing up shop (quitting your business) and how you worked through it (advice, mentors, friends, family, etc.)

When I Grow Up…

If you had made a career out of whatever you were passionate about when you were ten… what would you be doing?

Humorous Happenings

Write a “humorous happenings” post. For personal bloggers, you could write about funny things your kids say or something funny you saw today. It could even turn into a series on your blog. For business bloggers, it could be a video blooper or something funny from your business.

Sounds Like a Blog Post!

My co-author and I just got off the phone and now I have four new blog posts — every time I complained to her about a thorny business or creative problem she said, “Sounds like a blog post.”

So that’s my idea — blogging as therapy and problem-solving. Got an issue or pet peeve? Grousing about something? Ask yourself if it “Sounds like a blog post”. Andy Rooney made a 30+ year career out of it.

Listen To Yourself!

Describe a moment when you ignored your intuition. What happened?

Or… I told you so! Write about a time you felt validated.

Historical Events

If you could witness (or take part in) any event in history, what would it be? Why?

Kids Say the Darnest Things

Make a list of the unexpected lessons you’ve learned from the kids in your life and how you’ve applied them to your life.

Be Inspired By Someone’s Writing

Taking a book and writing your thoughts chapter by chapter will give lots of blog posts. Take your favorite poems or quotes and write your thoughts. Share what they mean to YOU.

Answer a Question

Browse through your Facebook or email inbox and capture questions people have asked you, and your ready-made answers for a Q&A blog post.

Social Media Rocks… Most of the Time

Share a story or a list of social media pet peeves. I know we’ve all got some. I personally hate when people use social media for personal arguments or feuds. No need to air out in social networks.

 Still Need More Blogging Ideas & Topics?

Here are 50 easy places to find inspiration for your next blogging idea:

  1. Your Favorite News Website
  2. The News Website You Hate
  3. That Gossip Blog You’d Never Admit to Reading
  4. The Fansite for Your Favorite TV Show
  5. YouTube Random Search for a Random Word
  6. Your Blog RSS Reader
  7. Your Email Inbox
  8. Your Email Spam Folder
  9. The Stack of Magazines Hiding Somewhere in Your Office
  10. The Book You’re Currently Reading
  11. The Book You Bought But Haven’t Read Yet
  12. What’s Playing On Your iPod/MP3 Player
  13. The Last Advertising Billboard You Saw
  14. The Yellow Pages
  15. Your Local Newspaper
  16. The Items on Your To-Do List
  17. The Last Movie Your Kids Made You Watch
  18. TV Shows or Movies You’ve Watched
  19. The Celebrity That Drives You Crazy (Good or Bad Crazy)
  20. A Quotes Website like QuotesGarden
  21. Social Networking (Ask a Random Question)
  22. The Last Website that Linked to You
  23. The Comments Section of Your Blog
  24. The Items on Your Desk
  25. The View of Nature Through Your Window
  26. The 7 Wonders of the World (or whatever landmarks fascinate you)
  27. The Last Vacation/Trip You Took
  28. What’s Coming Up On Your Calendar
  29. The Catalog That Came in the Mail This Week
  30. Your Favorite Cereal Box
  31. The Sunday Comics
  32. Something That’s Changed Recently in Your Life
  33. Those Things That Never Seem to Change in Your Life
  34. Late Night Shows / Stand Up Comedy
  35. Your Favorite Recent Work Project
  36. The Last “Disaster” Project You Worked On
  37. Wikipedia
  38. Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon
  39. Yahoo! Answers or Quora
  40. Facebook Groups
  41. Forums
  42. Clickbank or Lulu
  43. Amazon.com
  44. Billboards
  45. Flickr or Stock Photography Websites
  46. YouTube or Vimeo
  47. Library or Bookstore
  48. Your Vision Board
  49. EHow or Buzzle
  50. Blog Posts with Blog Post Ideas

Your Turn!  Let’s Discuss…

Is your head buzzing with ideas?  I hope so!  I’d love to hear which of these sparked something for you.

What’s your favorite strategy or tool for getting inspired with ideas to write about?

And hey, if you found this useful, please do bookmark it and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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