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1,335,831 Free Fire Accounts were Banned for Cheating | Read Why

Free Fire Accounts were Banned: Free Fire was the most downloaded game of 2020 with over 266 million downloads. With so many active users, publishers are required to provide appropriate gameplay environments. Theaters often install 3rd party scripts to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

1,335,831 Free Fire Accounts were Banned for Cheating  Read Why

To counter this, developers have installed an anti-cheat system. The system will ban players from cheating and using them. Players are also expected to ban these hackers by informing them to garena.

Why Free Fire Accounts were banned

Free Fire is publishing a bioinformatics report to show how many free fire accounts were banned. In the latest biennial report, Free Fire reported that it banned a total of 1,335,831 accounts for cheating.

50% of these accounts were banned as a result of reports from other players. Last week, Garena suspended 1,683,261 accounts for fraud. This week, they have banned 26% fewer cheaters than the previous week.

Free Fire also intentionally banned a total of 80,290 accounts for engaging with hackers. In last week’s report, Garena Free Fire has banned more than 1,13,005 players who deliberately teamed up with cheaters.

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The break-up of restricted free fire accounts

A detailed description of the percentage of hacking software used by players and why there are banned in the last two weeks is as follows:

  • 62% of cheaters were prohibited due to auto-objective aim use, which is used to kill enemies using third-party scripts automatically.
  • 28% were banned due to teleportation usage, which is used to quickly move from one place to another without covering the physical distance between players.
  • 3% banned from going through walls, giving players an unfair advantage.
  • The 2% was banned due to the antenna hack, which is used to find the position of enemies.
  • The remaining 5% got banned due to unspecified reasons.

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