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15 Proven Strategy on How to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

Every Blogger is frustrated with not getting enough traffic on their blog, after days and months of blogging they know how important it is to have readers on their blog. So today in this post “15 Proven Strategy on How to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly”, we will learn how to increase the traffic of your blog quickly.

Because the more readers you have on our blog, the more your Google ranking will be along with your income.

15 Proven Strategy on How to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

15 Proven Strategy on How to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly


Here I should be telling 15 Proven Strategy so that you can increase traffic to your Blog very quickly.

1. Blog Title


  • The blog title should be such that every reader should understand what your blog contains and they can easily remember it.
  • If someone does a search by typing the name of your blog in the search engine, they should find your blog at the top. For this, the name of your blog should not match with any other blog, it should be unique.
  • Your blog’s name should be simple to remember and should not be too long.

2. Best Design (Template)


The more good and attractive the design of your blog, the more visitors will like it. So you should design your blog as best as you can and use a simple and unique template for your blog.

  • Blog title and description must match blog themes.
  • Popular posts, random posts, and posts on the home page of the blog should be simple and everyone will like the page.
  • Your blog template should have at most 3-4 colors.
  • Do choose a unique logo for your blog.

3. Use Domain


If you want your users to come back to your site, then you should have a good domain name for your blog, and it should be easy to remember.

4. Add Link in Post


Add links to your blog post in every position of the blog so that your readers can easily read your other posts, which you have written.

5. Search Box


Add a search box on your blog so that anyone can find the information they need.

Example: – You can see the search box on the top of this post.

6. Focus on Target Audience


Keep in mind that your readers like the most related posts on your site, so you should share the next post accordingly.

Many bloggers do not pay any attention to this and share different types of information on their blogs every day. This does not give your readers the necessary information they really need.

7. Post Matching Image


Always add an image related to the post in every post that your users will like. Do not add any extra or random photos to blog posts.

8. Focus Your Writing


Also, pay attention to the style of writing in your post. If it is, fix it. Because you know “Content is a King”.


9. Quickly Answer all the Comments


Try to answer every question of your user quickly. Because, as soon as you solve someone’s problem, they will come back to your site for help, because they will know, you are solving their queries quickly.

10. Add Author Box


Add an author box below every post of your blog so that your visitors will know who is managing this site. This will make it easier for them to remember you and your site.

11. Link Your Profile


For complete details about you, add your Facebook Page link or your Google+ profile link in your blog author box.

12. About Us


Make an About Us page and give it a place on the footer of your blog, as you can see ours. And add details about your blog, on what is the information you are providing, and for what your blog is?

13. Social Media


Make sure to add your blog social media contacts to the blog so that people can connect with you on social media as well.






Apart from these, there are many other social media sites on which you can promote your site too.

You can read this “How to Promote Blog After Successfully Publishing Post“.

14. Post at Right Time


If you want more traffic to your site, then you should decide the perfect time to publish your blogpost. So that your readers know when you are sharing a new post so that they can check-in to your blog at that particular time.

15. Continue Posting


Continue posting because if you are not publishing regularly then your engaged readers will not get updated articles, in case they will get old information articles, and for your readers visiting your blog will not be worth.

You can increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent by following the methods mentioned in this post. If you want any other information related to blogger or the internet, then you can post your problem in the comment, I will be happy to assist.

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