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3 Factors Why Chrono is an Overpowered Free Fire Character

Free Fire Character Chrono: Characters in Free Fire are one of the essential parts of the game, courtesy of their unique abilities/skills that help them fight their enemies.

3 Factors Why Chrono is an Overpowered Free Fire Character

In December, Free Fire announced its most important collaboration with Portuguese football giant Cristiano Ronaldo. A character based on an athlete named Chrono was added to Garena Battle Royale sensation.

Chrono has become one of the most attractive character among players due to its incredible ability. This article lists some of the reasons why this ability of Chrono character in Garena Free Fire is considered too high.

Free Fire Chrono Character


Free Fire Chrono Character

In-game description: “Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe.”

Chrono Ability: Time Turner

Factors Why Chrono is an Overpowered Free Fire Character




Upon his ability activation, it creates a force field that prevents 600 damage from opponents at the base level. Conversely, players from within it can fire on their enemies. At the same time, the movement speed is increased by 15%. During skill activation, allies inside the field gain a 10% increase in their speed. All these effects last for 4 seconds, and its cooldown is for 50 seconds.

As the character levels increase, the ability itself also increases. Meanwhile, at the maximum level, user speed increases by 30%, and teammates increase by 15%. The duration of the effects increases to 9, and Colddown decreases to 40 seconds.

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Players take advantage of their shield effortlessly. They can use it while running away at enemies in compounds or taking control of an area. Time-turners may be used in the absence of a circular wall for a temporary casing.

The fast pace of play also enables players to overtake their enemies.



Although other characters like Alok, K, and Jota are quite excellent, none of them have the ability to counter it or match Chrono. The time tuner increases movement speed by 30% at the highest level unmatched by any character. The next option is Joseph which increases the sprinting speed by 20% when taking damage.

It is quite difficult for players to counter Crono’s moves as there is a shield protecting Crono’s entire team from the enemy.

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