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3 Main Reasons why you should pick Free Fire Falco Pet in Ranked Mode

Free Fire Falco Pet: Falco is one of the better pet in Free Fire. The pet section consists of many pets, and most pets have unique abilities that help players in the virtual battlefield. Falco is one of them.

Except for the mechanical pup and kitty, every other pet has abilities that can be useful in different situations in the game.

3 Main Reasons why you should pick Free Fire Falco Pet in Ranked Mode

Rank Mode is one of the most important game modes in Free Fire, and players often get confused about which pet and character to choose for the ranked game.

This article lists the 3 best reasons why you should choose Free Fire Falco Pet for Ranked Mode.

Why you should pick Free Fire Falco Pet in Ranked Mode


1. Falco Pet Ability


Should we choose Free Fire Falco Pet in Ranked Match

Falco has a capability called Skyline Spree. At its primary level, this ability provides a 15 percent increase in gliding speed and a 25 percent increase in diving speed after the player’s parachute opens. These results extend to the entire squad.

At peak pet level 7 the gliding speed increases by 45 percent, while the rate of diving increases by 50 percent.

2. Early Landing


The Falco’s ability helps the entire squad reach the ground quickly as it increases diving and gliding speed.

In Ranked Mode, players play safely, and therefore, Falco’s ability will help them fly far away from the flight path and land long enough in safe locations to collect enough loot for a squad to survive.

3. Advantage in Early Fights


Aggressive players like to get involved in early fights, even in ranked mode. Therefore, Falco’s ability comes in handy as he can land quickly and loot enough weapons and utilities in front of his opponents.

This gives them a significant advantage with earlier looting options in the popular drop-off zone.

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