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3 Places you should not Land if you are Beginner in Bermuda Map of Free Fire

Free Fire Bermuda Map: Free Fire mainly has two modes, Battle Royale and Clash Squad. 3 maps available in Battle Royale mode & one of them is Bermuda (which is available in both rank and classic) and is quite popular among free fire gamers.

3 Places you should not Land if you are Beginner in Bermuda Map of Free Fire

The map has several fantastic landing locations where players can find a good amount of loot which will be sufficient for the whole team or for solo.

However, beginners rarely survive in these places because here they will often face full of experienced players searching for weapons and items.

This article lists out some of the landing locations that new players must not land in Bermuda Map of Free Fire.

Note: This list is not in any particular order. This is a generalized list of places where players can compete hard and are therefore not good for beginners. Therefore, it includes hot drop areas like Factory, Peak, and more.

Which are the Places Newbie should not Land in Bermuda Map of Free Fire




Factory in Free Fire

The factory is located in the southern area of the Bermuda map. It is one of the most popular hot zone on the map and is often considered the most challenging place to land.

Players can find a good amount of loot in this area. However, they have to be vigilant to avoid the enemy team.

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Bimasakti Strip in Free Fire

The Bimasakti Strip, which is located in the middle of the Bermuda map, is one of the best places to get off in search of good loot. It has several houses where many pieces of firearms and equipment are scattered around.

As a result, many players land in this area, resulting in early fights and quick endings. This is a high-risk-high reward space, and beginners should always stay away from this place.



Clock Tower in Free Fire

Clock Tower in Free Fire is another hot zone. It is located very close to the factory. Arms and goods are scattered here on over a large area at this place.

Players often get the enemy teams in and around the Clock Tower. The location bears witness to several fights in the first few minutes of the game play. Therefore, new gamers are recommended to be clear about this.

Disclaimer: This article is completely based on the author’s preference. The choice of a drop place in Free Fire is a personal decision and influenced by the gamers’ playing style.

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