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3 Tips to Win Every Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire 2021

Clash Squad Mode: Free Fire has varieties of game modes for players to choose from. Clash Squad and Battle Royale are the two primary game modes in the quick-paced Battle Royal Game. Both have different ranked modes, which divide players into different levels based on their gameplay caliber.

3 Tips to Win Every Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire 2021

In Clash Squad mode, players are divided into 2 teams of four players each with the aim of eliminating their opponents. The team gets Booyah if they come out on top in 4 out of 7 battle round.

This article provides tips that will help players in winning every Clash Squad Mode battle in Garena Free Fire 2021.

Tips to Win Every Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire 2021





In Clash Squad mode of Garena Free Fire, players are awarded credits, which they can use to purchase all the necessary items that must need for battles, including weapons, utilities, & more before the round starts.

Making coordinated purchases will help maintain a balance of credit between teammates. If they have extra credit then users also may leave weapons for their teammates.

If a team wants to win in Clash Squad mode, coordination is also required on the battleground. Each member of the team should strive to revive others whenever possible, as it is difficult to win a match with only one player.

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The character plays a very vital role in Garena Free Fire. They have special abilities that can change the outcome of the match in almost any mode. The game currently has 37 characters available, with the latest introduction to Skylar & Shirou.

Free Fire also allows players to combine the skills of multiple characters. Players are advised to choose a skill/character based on their playing style. For example, if they like aggressive gameplay, a combination of characters like Chrono, Jai, Jota, and Shiro can help them overcome their opponents more easily.

They should not include characters like Meesha, Noora & Wukong in combination as their abilities are very ineffective in Clash Squad mode of Free Fire.

Players should also consider using Kla in Clash Squad mode as his ability increases fist damage by 400%, which can be useful in the 1st round of the battle.




Playing safely and not being aggressive in the early phase of the battles can do wonders for users in Clash Squad mode of Free Fire. Fights initially in the opening round can result in team member’s knockdown in itself.

Users should focus on keeping control & holding up important spots. This would give them a strategic advantage over their opponents. They approach them when the situation calls for it.

In addition to these tips, in Clash Squad mode of Free Fire, it can be very useful for players to collect useful items such as glow walls & grenades.

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