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5 Main Reasons why you should pick Free Fire K Character in Ranked Mode

Free Fire K Character: KSHMR, a renowned music producer, teamed up with Free Fire last year to introduce their in-game personality – Captain Booyah. The character is more popularly known as K and has various skills to spread on the virtual battleground.

5 Main Reasons why you should pick Free Fire K Character in Ranked Mode

Along with K, there are a group of other characters with special abilities to bestow on the players. However, K is one of the best options for ranked mode games in Free Fire.

This article list out some of the biggest reasons for the same.

5 Reasons why you should pick Free Fire K Character in Ranked Mode


1. K’s Ability


Can we choose Free Fire K character for rank match

K is a professor and a Jiu-Jitsu expert with an active ability called Master of All. In Jiu-Jitsu mode, allies within the 6-meter range achieve a 500% increase in EP conversion rate.

In Psychology mode, he can charge 2 EPs every three seconds for up to 100 EPs. However, the mode switch cooldown takes 20 seconds.

The K character can evolve up to 6 levels using level-up cards. At its highest capacity, he can recover up to two EPs every two seconds and up to 150 EPs in Psychology mode.

2. Team Support


K’s jiu-jitsu mode helps associates within the six-meter radius achieve a 500% increase in their EP conversion rate.

Therefore, it allows the player and his allies to slowly restore their HP during combustion and intense gunfights.

3. Skill Combos


Should we pick Free Fire K character

K is also a great character in Free Fire that gamers can use for skill combo. When paired with Kelly, Hayato, and Moko, K can create a lethal combination for aggressive and passive players.

4. Best for Aggressive Players


K is one of the best characters in free fire for aggressive players who always want kills.

During intense fights, he does not need to heal himself again and again as the players restored by the EP are always reclaiming the player’s HP while he is engaged in a fight.

5. HP Advantage


Free Fire KSHMR character benefits in rank mode

As K restores EPs for a player, this gives them a special advantage on the field.

During battles, especially face-to-face fights, EP conversion helps to gain HP. Therefore, it puts the player in an advantageous position, offering him a better HP level than his opponents.

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