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5 Proven Strategy to Increase your Blog Traffic Fast in 2021

Today in this post “5 Proven Strategy to Increase your Blog Traffic Fast in 2021”, I am going to tell you about How to increase blog traffic in 2021.

5 Proven Strategy to Increase your Blog Traffic Fast in 2021

Although millions of people have been created blogs whole over the world, but not everyone of them are successful in blogging.

There can be many reasons for this, such as lack of traffic on the blog, lack of search engine visibility, not proper SEO work is done, and lots more.

Whatever it is, if you want to succeed in blogging and want to increase traffic on your site, then do read our post carefully till to the end.

In fact, the biggest reason for this is that people do not even make a complete blog before they apply for AdSense. When Adsense checks their blog, the blog is rejected because their blog is not in a proper manner.

I should be telling you 5 proven strategies to increase your blog traffic, if you want to increase traffic on your site, then you should have to follow this given strategy.

How to increase traffic on your blog in 2021?


Follow my given strategy to increase your blog traffic fast in 2021.

1. Use fast loading template


Always remember that your blog should need to be open fast. If your blog opens in more than 5 seconds, then the readers can ignore your blog.

So if you want your readers to come to your blog and read the whole post, then make your blog always open fast. Use a good and fast template for this, if suitable you can buy templates from evanto.

2. Add social share button to your blog

On every Blogger Blog there is an option to add social share button to your blog post. With this, any user or your readers can share your blog post on social media as Social Media are a great way to increase External Traffics.

If you have not yet added social share button to your blog, try reading “How to Add Floating Social Share Button on the left side of Blogger“.

If you wish to add social media follow button to your blog, try reading “How to Add Beautiful Social Media Follow Button in Blogger“.

3. Write a good title of blog post


Writtng a good tittle the biggest and best way to increase traffic to blog, because when if the title of your post is good, it will be visible in the google search and anyone would like to read your post.

So do make sure your blog post title is well, and the title of your blog post should be a minimum of 60 words only then Google will index your post quickly.

4.Comment on other blog


Whenever you are free, comment on your posts on other blogs and in the comment add your blog’s URL so that the user can redirect to your blog by clicking on the link.

Always reply to your blog’s users comments and help them. By doing this the readers will be more co friendly with your blog and the users will also tell about your blog to their friends and suggest them to read it, because you will be the best on upon their eyes, which will also increase traffic on your blog.

5. Use keyboard or label


Whenever you publish or create a new post, choose 1 to 2 labels related to your post. This will make it easier for your readers to find the right post, they wish to read.


I hope now you can increase traffic to your blog by following this post “5 Proven Strategy to Increase your Blog Traffic Fast in 2021”. If you want to continue to get similar information in the coming future, you should subscribe to our blog.

If you are facing any problem in understanding this post, you can tell me your problem in the comment, I will be happy to assist you.

And If you know any more ways to increase our blog traffic, you can comment it, we will be happy to read it.

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