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50 commanders: Government ready to break the back of Naxalites

About 50 Naxal commanders are on the radar of security forces in the Naxal areas of the country. They are active in Naxal-affected states including Andhra, Telangana, Chhattisgarh. The security forces, in coordination with the inputs of central and state intelligence agencies, have launched a massive operation by preparing the hit list of the Naxalite commander.


50 commanders Government ready to break the back of Naxalites

According to information received from intelligence agencies, Naxal commander Hidma, a reward of Rs 25 lakh, is also involved in this. However, Hidma is said to be ill. Sources said that security agencies have prepared a list of top 50 Naxal commanders. Which are active in states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh.

Hidma was involved in the attack against CRPF, 23 soldiers were martyred


Hidma included in the list is involved in the attack against CRPF and DRG in Bijapur, in which 23 jawans were martyred. He has also been the mastermind of many big Naxalite incidents in Bastar. Sources said that apart from Hidma, Raghu, active in Sukma, Nagesh of PLGA, and Sridhar are also included in the hit list of security forces. According to intelligence inputs, Hidma had attended the last rites of a central leader of Naxalites sometime back, when it was found that he was very ill. Following inputs from intelligence agencies, searches have been intensified at several other places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to trace Hidma. Security agencies with the help of police have searched many areas including Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Warangal.

10 dreaded women Naxalites also on the list


There are also 10 dreaded women Naxalite commanders in the list of Naxalite commanders. These include women Naxalites like Nagmani, Bheem, Sujata, Jaimie, and Reena.

Campaign to break the backbone of Naxalites


Sources said that apart from Sukma, new triangles being built by Naxalites are also on the radar of security forces. Major Naxalites were reported to be hiding in the dense forests on the triangle of Maharashtra, Telangana, and Odisha. Sources associated with the Intelligence Department say that the campaign to break the backbone of Naxal commanders is going on in the areas most affected by Naxal including Sukma, Bastar, Dantewada.

Preparations are being made to demolish the fort of Naxalites in those areas.  Where security forces are usually unable to enter due to dense forests. Sources associated with the security agency said that many Naxal leaders have been killed. But some big faces remaining in the top leadership are on the hit list. It is known that in the last two to three years, Naxalites have surrendered in large numbers. Also killed in the encounter. Top Naxalite leaders have also been arrested on a large scale.

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