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A great feature on Telegram, know the details with voice chatting

A great feature on Telegram:  There is fierce competition among tech companies. In order to compete with each other, these tech giants are vying to launch new features. Often, by copying each other’s features, there is an attempt to maintain the user base maintenance.

A great feature on Telegram, know the details with voice chatting

To counter this competition, Telegram has introduced a new voice chat feature to counter the Clubhouse app. Let us tell you that this feature is not the latest add-on on this platform. Telegram launched this feature for groups in December 2020. Now it has also been approved for individual users.

Here is the specialty


Through this, telegram users will be able to do live voice chatting. There is no time limit i.e. time limit and user limit is also no longer in this. At the same time, the company has also added Raised Hands and Join Hands feature on its platform.

What is the voice chat feature?


Through this feature, telegram channel administrators can now start voice chat sessions for subscribers. The administrator has also been given special power, that is, he can also record and publish the entire audio during this voice chat.
This is because the followers who could not take part in the live chat can also listen to that meeting in detail. Whatever chat will be recorded, it will ensure users through the red light that their conversation is being recorded in real-time. After the recording is over, this audio file will appear in the saved message of the users.


Raise your hand


During the live session or any meeting, if you also want to say something, then for this you get the feature of Raise Hand like the Micro Soft Team (Microsoft Teams). Through this, you can give an indication to the administrator to tell or say something. Significantly, other tech companies like Clubhouse also offer this type of feature.

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