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Ajju Bhai VS Copyright Claims: He urges YouTube to take notice

Ajju Bhai VS Copyright Claims:  Total Gaming may well be India’s largest free-fire content producer, but even that is no different from the issue of copyright claims.

Ajju Bhai VS Copyright Claims He urges YouTube to take notice

Since the launch of Mobile Battle Royal’s games such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, the global market for mobile gaming has steadily grown, breaking many records domestically and worldwide.

Free Fire also won the inaugural Esports Mobile Game of the Year award at the Esports Awards 2020.

Influencers, streamers, and esports players from various organizations have enjoyed considerable success as well.

Free fire fighters, and YouTubers, in particular, have enjoyed considerable success when it comes to consumers for their content, recording unprecedented numbers in the process.

Between these emerging content creators and YouTubers, Total Gaming has been the most popular.

With over 21 million subscribers on YouTube, Total Gaming is India’s largest gaming channel.

He also has 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Total Gaming, also commonly known as Ajju Bhai, mostly posts content related to Free Fire on its channel.

Ajju Bhai VS Copyright Claims


Recently, Total Gaming posted up the issue of fake copyright claims, notices, and strikes on YouTube in a series of Instagram stories.

He said that although he had never talked about fake claims in the past, this time he got a strike which he was not able to counter.

The story is attached here:

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) vs copyright claims

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) also said that in the last two months, he had received more than 20 copyright notices.

He has been able to counter them all.

He also said that some of those 20 plus copyright attacks were claimed, while seven of them were notices, which are usually counterfeit.

It will be interesting to see how quickly YouTube takes action on these issues.

As previously, a lot of influencers and YouTube gamers had to deal with such fake claims.

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