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America 300-kilowat laser weapon, this weapon will be ashes Chinese missiles

America laser weapon: The US military is building the world’s most powerful laser weapon. This laser weapon is around 300 kW and will test next year. This weapon is being made jointly by General Atomics Electromagnetic System and Boeing Company. It size of a ship’s container and the weapon will place on a huge truck. It is the most powerful laser weapon.

General Atomics President Scott Fortune said. The extremely powerful, small laser weapon is the deadliest of all weapons. The US Navy first created the laser weapon named ‘Lodge’ in the year 2014. It is base on the USS Pence. The capacity of this weapon at that time was 30 kW. Laser weapons of most armies range from 30 to 100 kW.

Drones, jets, and helicopters will be blue


With its help, a drone aircraft can be shot down in the blink of an eye. With this new weapon of America, its firepower has increased manifold. Usually, these weapons are based on several types of fiber lasers. And later a beam emits rays and the enemy is destroy. This new laser weapon consists of several mirrors.

This new laser weapon is part of the US military’s project through which to make a defensive laser weapon to deal with threats coming from the sky. Experts say that with the help of such a powerful laser weapon, large targets and many targets can be destroyed rapidly. He said that such powerful laser weapons can eliminate ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones, fighter jets, and helicopters in the coming times.

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