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America has taken a loan of 216 billion dollars from India

America took a loan from India 216 billion dollars :

The global economy has been affected during the Coronavirus epidemic.

America has taken a loan of 216 billion dollars from India

In such a situation, countries have taken loans from other economies or from the World Bank.

Talking about the world’s largest economy, the United States has taken a total loan of about $ 216 billion,

or about 1.5 million rupees from India. The debt burden on the US has increased rapidly in the last two decades.

The US $ 290 trillion in total debt.

The US has a total debt of $ 29 trillion ($ 290 trillion).

An American lawmaker has warned the government about the increasing debt burden on the country.

China and Japan have the highest debt in the US.

The total national debt burden of the US in the year 2020 was 23,400 billion dollars.

That is, each American had an average debt of $ 72309.

Have taken so much debt from China and Japan.

US MP Alex Mooney said, ‘The burden of debt on every person is increasing even more.

Information about debt is very confusing as to where it is going.

The two countries – China and Japan – are our biggest borrowers, they are not really our friends.

‘Opposing the Biden government’s nearly $ 2,000 billion stimulus package in the US House of Representatives, MP Mooney, who represents West Virginia, said,

“We have competition globally with China.” They have a huge debt on us.

China owes us more than $ 1000 billion in debt. We also owe more than $ 1000 billion to Japan. ‘

The debt doubled during Obama.

MP Mooney said that those countries which are giving loans to us, also have to repay their debt.

These countries do not necessarily care about our best interests, about whom we cannot say that they always take care of our interest at heart.

He said, ‘Brazil has to give us $ 258 billion. India owes us $ 216 billion.

This list of our foreign lenders is long. ‘In 2000, the US had a debt of 5600 billion dollars.

This doubled during the time of Obama.

In January, US President Joe Biden announced a $ 1900 billion Kovid-19 relief package to counter the crisis caused by the epidemic.

Moon and other opposition MPs opposed the package.

Mooney said that in Obama’s eight years, we have doubled the debt on us and today we are going to increase it further.

The debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio has gone out of control.

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