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Bengal assembly elections: 142 candidates with the criminal image

Bengal assembly elections: In West Bengal, 142 candidates with the criminal image are trying their luck in 44 seats in the fourth phase. There are 12 seats with more than three criminal image candidates. There are a total of 372 candidates in this phase, out of which 81 are low and 61 are of serious criminal image.

Bengal assembly elections 142 candidates with the criminal image

The West Bengal Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has given this information in a report. The most tainted candidates are from BJP in the fourth phase to be held on April 10. 27 out of 44 BJP candidates ie 61 percent have given details of their own criminal cases while CPI (M) has fielded 16 out of 22 such candidates.

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On the other hand, 17 out of 44 TMC candidates, two out of 9 Congress candidates are of tainted image. Talking about serious crimes, it includes 24 candidates of BJP, 10 of CPI (M), 17 of TMC. 19 candidates have declared their involvement in cases against women. Four have reported cases going on against themselves in cases of murder and 16 have attempted murder.

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Elections in 44 seats, BJP is the highest candidate of the criminal image, then from TMC

65 millionaires in the field


65 millionaires are also thrashing in 44 seats. Of this, 34 candidates from TMC, 18 from BJP, and 13 candidates from other parties have assets of more than one crore while the average assets are 92.34 lakhs. The richest candidate is Ahmed Javed Khan, a candidate from the town of 24 Parganas South from TML. He has declared his assets at 32 crores.

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50 percent of candidates pass 5th to 12th


Of the 372 candidates contesting in the fourth phase, 186 i.e. 50 percent have studied from 5th to 12th. 173 are Bachelors and Masters or highly educated. There are also a significant number of 50 women and young candidates in this phase. 118 candidates are between 25 and 40 years old. 193 candidates are between 41 and 60 years old and one candidate is also 89 years old.

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