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Bengal Assembly Elections: Corona rules flying

Bengal Assembly Elections led Corona rules flying: In India, the second wave of Corona has ravaged everywhere. The long lines outside the crematoriums in different cities are enough to tell how many lives Kovid 19 has taken. More than one lakh cases of infections are being reported every day.

Bengal Assembly Elections Corona rules flying

Election season continues in Bengal, with big leaders of the country holding election rallies. Millions of people are registering their presence at his rallies. There is no adherence to any of Corona’s guidelines in rallies organized by BJP, TMC, and other parties including the Samyukta Morcha (Left-Congress-Indian Secular Front coalition). Neither one is wearing a proper mask nor following social distance.

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None of the Kovid-19 security protocols set by the Election Commission has been implemented. Crowds thronging public meetings have blown the corona rules. No one is visible in the mask.

In a rally by Samyukta Morcha in South Kolkata, people were sitting on the side of a small road. In which most people were without masks in the crowd and no one was even following social distance. The same is happening at TMC rallies. The same situation notice in the roadshow of BJP leaders.

Rallies can be very risky for the future


Health experts believe that these rallies can be very risky for the future. Elections hold in Bengal in many stages and the Corona cases and deaths from them are frightening in the country. There has been a 17.91% increase in infections since March 1, and 4,817 cases report on Tuesday, which is quite worrisome.

Kovid-19 infection is spreading in West Bengal. Kolkata alone has around 8,600 Kovid-19 infected people. There are more than seven thousand active cases in 25 Parganas. According to data from the Union Ministry of Health, a total of 29,050 people in the state infect with Kovid.

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In the last 24 hours, more than 2500 new infected have been found, while 20 people have died due to infection. Thus far 10,343 people have lost their lives due to Kovid infection. So far, 83,45,753 people vaccinate by Kovid in the state. Of these, 73,28,568 people have received the first dose of vaccine, and 10,17,185 have been dosed.

Corona raised concerns of the Election Commission, convened an all-party meeting on 16 April


An Election Commission official said that all political parties in the state ask to send only one representative for the meeting. Issues related to election campaigning for the remaining four phases will be discussed in the meeting.

He said that there will be a discussion on social distance and adherence to various rules related to Kovid-19. The official said that the state’s Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Jag Mohan and State Health Secretary NS Nigam will also be present in the meeting.

The Calcutta High Court had on Tuesday directed that all health-related instructions regarding the promotion of political parties for the assembly elections should be strictly followed in view of the increase in coronavirus cases.

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