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Best 3 Character Combinations of Free Fire in March 2021

Free Fire Character Combinations: Each character in Free Fire has a special ability that assists players on the battlefield. In addition, users can add or equip the skills of multiple characters by obtaining a skill slot. Such a combination can hold a single active ability and other 3 passive ones.

Best 3 Character Combinations of Free Fire in March 2021

This article provides players with the three best character combinations in Free Fire.

Note: No characters in this list are repeated to provide a wider range of players. Players can always mix characters by combining based on their choice and playing style.

Best 3 Character Combinations of Free Fire in March 2021


1. K + Miguel + Jota + Joseph


Free Fire k character

What is K Character Ability?

K character ability is Master of All.

There are two different modes of K ability, namely Jiu-Jitsu and Psychology. Formerly, affiliates within a radius of 6m achieve a 500% increase in Energy Point (EP) conversion rate. Meanwhile, in Psychology mode, users recover up to 150 Energy Points (EPs) every two seconds.


Free Fire Miguel character

What is Miguel Character Ability?

Miguel character ability is Crazy Slayer.

This ability synchronizes quite well with Miguel’s Crazy Slayer as the received Energy Point (EP) can be rapidly converted to Health Point (HP) using Jiu-Jitsu Mode.


Free Fire Jota character

What is Jota Character Ability?

Jota character ability is Sustainable Raids.

Jota’s ‘Sustainable Rides’ directly replenishes 40 Health Point (HP) using SMPs or shotguns, giving them plenty of Health Point (HP).


Free Fire Joseph character

What is Joseph Character Ability?

Joseph character ability is Nutty Movement.

Finally, Joseph’s ability increases players’ movement and speed, increasing their speed by 20% when doing damage, enabling them to go to safety when under siege.

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2. Dj Alok + Moco + Kelly + Jai


Free Fire DJ Alok character

What is DJ Alok Character Ability?

DJ Alok character ability is Drop the Beat.

DJ Alok is one of the sought-after characters in Free Fire. His ability creates an aura of 5 meters that increases the speed of the ally and restores five HP for 10 seconds. Medkit provides a constant treatment source for users on the battlefield, so they do not have to use meditates, while Alok’s ability is in use.


Free Fire Moco character

What is Moco Character Ability?

Moco character ability is Hackers Eye.

On the other hand, Moco’s ability tags enemies that are shot for five seconds. The information is also shared with teammates, which can be used in their preferred ways, developing them or running over them.


Free Fire Kelly character

What is Kelly Character Ability?

Kelly character ability is Dash.

Kelly’s Dash ability increases players’ speed of play by 6%, easily used to face enemies.


Free Fire Jai character

What is Jai Character Ability?

Jai character ability is Raging Reload.

Jai’s ability automatically reloads the magazine of the gun up to 45% of its capacity after the players beat the opponent. It is limited to weapons of AR, pistol, SMG, and SG classes only. This often eliminates the need to reload in case of close-quarters battles.

3. Chrono + Shirou + Dasha + Luqueta


Free Fire Chrono character

What is Chrono Character Ability?

Chrono character ability is Time Turner.

Chrono’s time turner is one of the most impressive and flexible abilities in Free Fire. This creates a force field that prevents 600 damage from enemies. However, players can fire from within the force field.

During this period the speed of movement of allies and players increases. It can be used to take part in compounds or to set off against enemies.


Free Fire Shirou character

What is Shirou Character Ability?

Shirou character ability is Damage Delivered.

Shirou’s ability, when an enemy hits players within 80 meters, the opponent will be tagged for six seconds. The first shot at the marked enemy has 100% additional armor penetration, which can change the entire course of the duel, especially in close range.


Free Fire Dasha character

What is Dasha Character Ability?

Dasha character ability is Partying On.

Dasha’s potential has many benefits:

  • Reduce damage taken from falls by 50%
  • Decreases recovery time from falls by 80%
  • Reduce rate of recoil buildup by 10%
  • Decreases maximum recoil by 10%


Free Fire Luqueta character

What is Luqueta Character Ability?

Luqueta character ability is Hat Trick.

He has the ability that increases players’ maximum Health Point (HP) from 18 to 35 with each kill.

Disclaimer: Character combinations are subjective and influenced by the choice of players. This article reflects the personal views of the author. Also, all the abilities described in this article are at the maximum level of character.

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