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Best 3 High Loot Landing Places in Purgatory Map of Free Fire

Landing Places in Purgatory Map: Gerena Free Fire primarily provides three major battle royale maps: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. Recently, the Bermuda Remastered Map was also compiled as an event-based map.

Best 3 High Loot Landing Places in Purgatory Map of Free Fire

Players often land in places where they can fight or stay safe due to their aggressive gaming style and gain a better rank.

This article lists three of the best landing places in Purgatory Map of Free Fire, where players can descend to find optimal loot and take on fights early in the game.

Best 3 High Loot Landing Places in Purgatory Map of Free Fire




which is the best Landing Places in Purgatory Map

Brasília, located in the center of the map, is probably the most common and popular location to land in Purgatory. Players will get a significant share of the high level of loot in many buildings in this place.

There are several zip lines spread around Brasilia, which players can use to rotate their movement. If they want to land at this place then they should be careful, because usually many players land here.

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It is a high-rise area in the extreme south of the map, with a tower and an apartment block surrounded by forest. This site is very safe as it is away from the main areas of the arena.

The loot ratio in this location is relatively moderate compared to other places, but sufficient for a squad. This place gives players a relatively safe start.



What are the best places to Land in Purgatory Map

Marble works is another famous place on the Purgatory map. It is scattered over a wide area, and players can find enough loot for the entire teammate. However, all will have to face a rotation dilemma as all must have to cross a bridge to reach other areas of the map.

In addition, many players can guard the exit for these bridges, ensuring that anyone who crosses the bridge must be ready for taking a battle.

Note: This article reflects the author’s personal point of view. What may be the best option for one person may not be so for another.

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