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Best 3 Rank Pushing Landing Places in Bermuda Map of Free Fire

Free Fire Rank Pushing Landing Places: Free Fire has two major game modes, Battle Royal & Clash Squad mode. Currently, the game offers three different maps, Bermuda, Purgatory & Kalahari, with only two modes available in the rank mode.

Best 3 Rank Pushing Landing Places in Bermuda Map of Free Fire

Landing places are an important factor affecting gameplay when players try to advance their rank in the game. To determine the performance of users in a game, it is necessary to choose the appropriate location.

They have to find a balance between kills and survival to move up the ranks efficiently. This article lists the 3 best Free Fire Rank Pushing Landing Places on the Bermuda map.

Best 3 Rank Pushing Landing Places in Bermuda Map of Free Fire




Bermuda Maps Peak

The peak is one of the most favorite places on the Bermuda map. It is located around the central region and is spread over a vast area. Players can find many buildings where they will be able to get decent loots.

However, it attracts a lot of gamers, making it a high-risk zone, high-reward space. They are recommended to be on the lookout for enemies as they may face some battles on the peak.

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Bermuda Maps Mars Electric

MarsElectric is one of the most overwatched places by players as it exists on the underside of the map. It is ultimately safe compared to other places. Users are expected to find less competition and decent loot here which is enough for your squad.

In addition, they are likely to find a vehicle that will help them move around the map, depending on the formation of the play zone. It is essentially suitable for gamers with a focus on playing safely.



Bermuda Maps Capetown

Cape Town ranks last on the list of landing sites. If players prefer to play relatively safely, they may consider leaving here. There are many buildings and houses where substantial amounts of loot can be found. Players can also take cover in these compounds.

Note: Landing places vary on the trajectory of the aircraft. Many players want to take the risk by choosing a hot drops area, while others may prefer to play it safe.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the author’s preference. The choice of a drop spot in free fire is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other depends on a person’s playing style.

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