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Best 3 safe place to land for high loot on the Bermuda map of Free Fire

Safe place to land on Free Fire Bermuda Map: Over the past years, Free Fire has grown significantly and the battle royal has emerged as one of the genre’s most favorite titles. The game has received several awards, including the Mobile Game of the Year at the Esports Awards 2020.

Like other games of its genre, Free Fire is highly competitive, and players aim to be the best among their peers.

Landing spots are one of the most important factors that determine the performance and outcome of players in a BR match.

Best 3 safe place to land for high loot on the Bermuda map of Free Fire

Currently, Free Fire provides users with three different maps: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. Many players seek the safest landing locations on the Bermuda map to increase their chances of surviving longer and winning the game (Booyah).

This article lists the three safe place to land on Free Fire Bermuda Map for hight loot.

Disclaimer: The choice of landing spot in Free Fire is a personal decision, and completely prioritizing over another depends on one person’s playing style.

Best 3 safe place to land for high loot on the Bermuda map of Free Fire


1. Plantation


which is the safe place to land on bermuda map

The plantation is one of the safest places players can land on the map of Bermuda in Free Fire. Players are likely to encounter only a few enemies while landing here.

This location provides users with a fair amount of loot from weapons and arsenals, aiding them to obtain Booyah!

2. Mars Electric


safe place to land on bermuda map of free fire

Mars Electric ranks next on this list and one of the best places for users. Here, players will be able to get sufficient amounts of high-level loot which will be enough for their entire squad.

However, as this location is located at the bottom of the map, players should be looking for the formation of a play zone.

3. Sentosa


Free Fire bermuda map safe place for landing

Sentosa is another relatively safe place on the Bermuda map. Users will be able to loot a wide variety of equipment and high level loot.

In addition, one must be alert to players who are gatekeeping, as they are required to cross a bridge to reach the main island.

Note: Landing places vary on the trajectory of the aircraft. Many players want to risk by choosing hot-drops, while others may prefer to play it safe.

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