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Best 5 Characters of Free Fire in March 2021

Best Characters of Free Fire: Garena recently released Free Fire’s Project Cobra update, adding two new characters named Shiro and Skylar. While Skyler is not yet accessible, Shirou is available for free.

Best 5 Characters of Free Fire in March 2021


Free Fire characters play an integral role in the Battle Royale sensation as they can help determine the outcome of a match. They have special abilities that give the player an advantage in the virtual battlefield.

This article lists some of the best characters of Free Fire as of March 2021.

Note: This is not a list in any particular order. This is a generalized list of the best characters in the game.

Best 5 Characters of Free Fire in March 2021


1. DJ Alok


which are the Best Characters of Free Fire

DJ Alok has an active ability called Drop the Beat that can create an aura of five meters that increases associate speed by 10 percent and restores 5 HP/s for 5 seconds.

This ability can be increased to 6 levels with a character level-up card. At the maximum level, DJ Alok can increase associate speed by 15% and restore 5HP/s for 10 seconds.

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2. Chrono


Best Characters of Garena Free Fire

Chrono has an active ability called a Time-Turner. Using this ability, he can create a force field that prevents 600 damage from opponents. He can shoot at opponents from inside the force field.

Chrono’s speed of movement is also increased by 15%, while the allies receive a 10% increase in movement speed inside the force field.

When Chrono is raised to level 6, his abilities also increase. However, he has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

3. K (KSHMR)


List of best character of free fire

K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert who has an active ability called Master of All, which allows him to increase his maximum EP to 50.

In the jiu-jitsu mode, allies within a 6m radius get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate.

In the psychology mode, he can automatically recover 2 EP every 3 seconds with a maximum of 100 EP. The mode-switch Cooldown takes around 20 seconds.

4. Shirou


Garena FF Best character

Shirou has an impressive passive ability called Damage Deliver. At its default level, the ability tags the opponents for 6 seconds upon hitting the player within 8m. The first shot on the tagged attacker has 50% extra armor penetration.

This feature has a cooldown of 35 seconds.

5. A124


Best Character in Garena FF

The in-game description of the A124 states that he is a robot made of modern technologies. She has an active ability called Thrill of Battle. At the default level, this ability allows him to quickly convert 25 EP (energy points) to HP (health points), with a long duration of 90 seconds.

At the highest level, she can convert the 40EP to HP with a very little cooldown of 60 seconds.

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