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Best 5 Free Fire Pets to use with DJ Alok April 2021

Free Fire Pets: Garena Free Fire features diverse sets of characters and pets. They all have specific & special skills.

Best 5 Free Fire Pets to use with DJ Alok April 2021

DJ Alok is probably the most used character in Free Fire and one of the most powerful ones. Pets, when combining with Alok, promote and support Alok’s skills. They greatly affect the player’s entire gameplay on the battlefield.

This article will list out some of the best free fire pets to be used with DJ Alok, which will improve their free fire skills.

Note: This list is in no particular order and reflects the personal opinion of the author.

Which ate the Best Free Fire Pets to use with DJ Alok?



Free Fire Rockie Pet

What is Rockie Pet Ability?

Rockie ability is called Stay Chill. Rockie is an amazing pet for players who have characters with active abilities. In this case, it is an ideal choice for DJ Alok. This pet ability can reduce the cooldown time of DJ Alok’s well-equipped active skills by 6% at its initial level.

Once this pet maximizes to Level 7, it can reduce the Colddown Time of Active Ability by 15%. Therefore, this enables DJ Alok to use his abilities more often with a much shorter Colddown time.



Free Fire Detective Panda Pet

What is Detective Panda Pet Ability?

Detective Panda has a fantastic and powerful ability called Panda’s Blessing.

This compensates for 4 Health Point (HP) after a player kills an opponent. When Detective Panda maxes out to its highest potential (Pet Level 3), users will gain 10 Health Point (HP) each time when they kill enemy.

This ability is great because DJ Alok’s Health Point (HP) recovery will be boosted by Panda’s quick Health Point (HP) restore power on each kill.

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Free Fire Spirit Fox

What is Spirit Fox Pet Ability?

Spirit Fox has an ability called Well Fed. When using the health pack in its default phase, this pet ability that can restore an additional 4 Health Point (HP) at its initial 1.

When this pet is maxed out in Pet Level 7, it can recover an additional 10 Health Point (HP) when using the Health Kit.

This is a great ability that will go well with offensive players using DJ Alok. This can help them recover their Health Point (HP) faster during a gunfight.



Free Fire MR Waggor Pet

What is Mr Waggor Pet Ability?

Mr. Waggor ability is called Smooth Glow. It is beneficial for rank matches. This pet can create a glow wall grenade at its initial level every 2 minutes if players do not have a glow wall grenade.

At the max limit of this pet skill level 3, Mr. Waggor can conjure up a gloo wall grenade if user have less than two gloo wall grenades.



Free Fire Poring Pet

What is Poring Pet ability?

Poring has a different ability known as Stitch and Patch. It adds a helmet and armor durability every three seconds. at this pet’s initial level, 1 protects armor and helmets from damage and provides additional armor durability.

As it maximizes, the ability of this pet increases to one helmet and shield durability per second. This armor also helps protect Level 3 from being damaged.

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