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Best 5 Non-Air-Drop Free Fire Guns of all Time

Best Guns of Free Fire: Garena Free Fire offers many weapons in the game, and each weapon has its own distinct personality and stats. Each weapon has a different damage rate, fire rate, and accuracy, and each of them is unique from the other.

Best 5 Non-Air-Drop Free Fire Guns of all Time

Because all of these weapons differ from each other, they differ on the priority list of some players. This article discusses some of the best weapons that have ever been introduced in the free fire.

Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking. This list reflects the personal opinion of the author.

Best 5 Guns of Free Fire


1. AK


Best 5 Guns of Free Fire

The AK is one of the most preferred weapons of all time because of its insane damage rate (61). The movement speed is also good (62). However, the only drawback is the repetition rate, which is too high for this weapon and requires high control skills.

2. AN94


what is the Best Guns of Free Fire

The AN94 is also a great AR weapon in Free Fire that boasts a similar AK damage rate (60). This weapon is lethal in mid-range combat with a speed of 62. It is also very effective and decent in long-range combat.

3. Vector


Which are the Best weapons in Free Fire

Vector is one of the newest additions to the game and has a fire rate of 81 and a speed of 69. Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in the free fire. It is effective in the short-range with destructive power in close range. Akimbo perk allows players to wield two vectors in both hands.

4. MP40


 list of best guns of free fire

The MP40 is the most sought-after sub-machine gun that is actually very effective and destructive in close-range combat. It has a maximum fire rate of all SMGs (83) and a damage rate of 48. It also provides 63’s great maneuverability, which will help players move quickly during firing.

5. M1014


Top weapons of free fire

The M1014 is a complete demonic with its damage limit of 94 in the close-range. It initially came up with 6 rounds of SG ammo and had a reload speed of 20. It is the most balanced shotgun weapon in free fire and is also very relevant and viable on the ground due to its high damage.

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