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Board Exams 2021: Prepare for board exam in the last 45 days

How to prepare for the Board Exam: For the academic session 2021, other board examinations including CBSE, CISCE are scheduled to begin. Students of 10th, 12th are preparing to give their best.
This time before the examination starts is very important. In the meantime, preparations made with the right strategy will increase your score.

Board Exams 2021 Prepare for  board exam in the last 45 days

One strategy is being told to prepare for board exams in about 45 days of the last. By following them, you can get more marks on the board papers.

1. Time Table


Organize your time well while preparing for board papers. Not only decide the time from reading to rest, eating and drinking and sleeping in a time table, but also follow it. This will reduce the stress with good preparation. It is important to give time to each subject. Don’t forget to solve old question papers and sample papers in your timetable.

2. Performance Analysis


Take care of your performance while solving sample papers or previous years’ papers. Note that the subject is taking more or less time. This will tell you how much time is required for which subject. Along with the analysis of the subjects, take care of their chapters as well. Some chapters will be very easy, whose preparation will be done quickly. Whereas in some you will have to work harder. As soon as you know the right target, then you will easily complete it.

3. Get full sleep and break


The biggest mistake that children usually make while preparing for board papers is not to get a full sleep. Lack of sleep can not only make you physically ill, but your brain will also not function as well as before. This will spoil your concentration. Therefore, get a good 7-8 hours of sleep.

4. Revision


All the children must have completed their syllabus in their school, tuition, or coaching. Now the most important task is to read it again two or three times correctly and understand the concepts fully. This time MCQ will play an important role. So, please read your NCERT books well. Because questions can be made about any of the small points. Remember that every subject, every chapter, and every point of it will help you in getting the number.

5. Preparation according to subject


While preparing the board papers, keep in mind that every subject has a different strategy to read. like-

Mathematics (Maths): The more formulas, derivations, and logic you get, the easier and quicker you will be able to solve the paper. Keep notes of tables, formulas, short tricks separately. These will help you a lot at the last minute.

Science: Physics, chemistry, or biology, every subject has equal value. According to every section, make notes of formula, function, table, term, diagram separately. If you make notes yourself, things will be remembered quickly and for a long time.

Language: The grammar of the language is its soul. Whether it is Hindi, Sanskrit, or English. Read Grammar separately, understand. Apart from this, it will be necessary to hold a separate hold on literature. Do the practice of solving passage.

Social Science: Prepare for History, Political Science, and Geography from different strategies. While reading the history again and again like a story, follow a flow chart, table, or a different trick to remember the dates. Do the practice of geography on the map.

Some special tips:

1. Make your own notes.
2. Follow the timetable.
3. Focus on improving yourself while preparing. Do not compete with others.
4. Healthy group study can also be beneficial. Provided that time is not wasted in it.

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