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Case of Coronavirus: More than six lakhs infected in five days

Case of Corona: The coronavirus is becoming more and more deadly every day in the country. In the last five days, the virus has caught more than six lakh Indians. At the same time, a maximum number of 1.45 lakh cases have been reported in the last day. Both these figures are the highest compare to the rest of the world.

Case of Coronavirus More than six lakhs infected in five days

The Union Health Ministry said on Saturday, 45 percent of the country’s active patients are in 10 districts. The ministry says that the impact of the second wave is not visible in every state, but 10 states are also facing the worst phase. According to the ministry, 1,45,384 people have been infected with a corona on the last day.

Of these, 83 percent of patients have been found in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Maharashtra alone reported 58,993 cases, Chhattisgarh 11,447, and Uttar Pradesh 12,787 cases.

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With this, the number of active patients has increased to 10,46,631. It is to know that on September 16-17 last year. When the maximum number of patients in the country were getting 97,000 patients in one day, the number of active patients was more than 10 lakhs, but this year this figure has been revealed only in April.

The active rate was 7.93 percent


According to the data, the current active rate of corona in the country is 7.93 percent. On the last day, 67,023 active patients have increased, which is the highest in the experience so far. Apart from these, 77,567 discharges also done on the last day but this recovery rate has not benefit. With the increase in new cases every day, the recovery rate has also come down to 90.80 percent. On Friday, 794 people died of coronavirus in the country, out of which 87 percent of the deaths have occurred in the 10 states where the maximum number of corona cases are being received.

Deaths increased seven times in 40 days


According to statistics, more than seven times more people have died in the second wave of coronavirus. By the first week of March, an average of 100–120 people were dying in the country, but now the figure has reached 780–794. The same situation was seen from June-July to November last year. During that time, an average of 500 people died in a day. More than 1100 people died in September in the country in the month of September.

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Stability not coming under investigation


In the country facing the second wave of the epidemic, the Kovid-19 investigation is not stable at the moment. ICMR data only shows that despite having testing facilities in more than 2400 labs, 11.47 lakh samples have been tested in the last day compared to more than 13 lakhs a day earlier. In the present situation, India has the capacity to perform an RT PCR test of 20 lakh samples in a day, but only 50 to 60 percent of the capacity use.

Situation serious here


District                 Active Case

Pune                      9.56

Mumbai                8.41

Thane                    6.45

Nagpur                  6.02

Bengaluru             4.06

Nashik                    3.66

Delhi                       2.54

Raipur                     1.78

Fort                          1.76

Aurangabad            1.62

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