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CBSE students pass without examination in 2021,some criteria

CBSE examination: The Central Board of Secondary Education has canceled the examinations of the tenth in view of the rising infection of the Corona epidemic. The children will go only on the basis of their performance in the tenth to the eleventh, but the criterion has not been decided yet.

CBSE students pass without examination in 2021,some criteria

Meanwhile, the board has started demanding details from schools about how many exams they have conducted in class X, offline or online. In fact, the board has started preparing to create a criterion for evaluation. In such a situation, schools say that the board should create a criterion for evaluation which includes pre-board, midterm, practical examination, internal assessment.

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Announcement Principal


Jyoti Arora, Principal of Mount Abu School, said that when the schools were opened for class X-XII in January. There have been mid-term, pre-board, practical, periodic tests in schools. Each school must have a pre-board.

In such a situation, see the performance of these exams to get the result of Board X. She says that even when the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE Scheme) was in force in the tenth. Children assess on the basis of their different performances. The situation is such that children cannot test. In such a situation, the performance of the schools should keep in mind while creating the criterion.

Since the stream allocates to the children in the eleventh on the basis of their performance. So it is necessary. SK Yadav, Principal of SR Capital Public School, says that the examination canceled. In such a situation, the child can be sent to the XI only on the basis of the performance of the child. However, she says that it will be difficult for the children as some schools give more marks and some less. What will be the credibility of the number the school gives. If someone gets more marks than some less.

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At the same time, some schools say that pre-boards of many children have not been good due to online studies. For this reason, if the performance of the pre-board is also made the basis of evaluation, then the children will face problems.

Demand raised due to cancellation of CBSE Class X examination


The exams of the Central Board of Secondary Education cancel due to the Corona epidemic. 1500 to 1800 rupees charge from the students of class X in the examination fee form by the board.

In such a situation, there is now a demand that the board refund this fee charged by the students. During the Corona epidemic, the parents of many students paid this fee with great difficulty. At the same time, the fees collected by the All India Parents Association and paid to the board.

Students require to pay Rs 1500 for five subjects with no late fees. Whereas SC-ST students of Delhi government schools had to pay 1200 rupees for five subjects.

There was a fee of Rs 300 per subject for the additional subject. Students require to pay a fee of two thousand rupees with late fees. The All India Parents Association has demanded a refund of this fee from CBSE.

Association President Ashok Aggarwal said that now that the examination of class X  cancel, the examination fee should be refunded. The board should pay attention to the difficulty with which the parents arranged the money during the Corona epidemic. Incoming the students studying in government school are suffering from financial problems.

He told that there are many such parents who had paid this fee by borrowing. At the same time, the association also collected an amount of about eight lakh rupees for the students of tenth-twelfth. So that their examination fee could be paid.

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