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Chrono VS DJ Alok: Who is the better Free Fire Character for Rank Match March 2021

Free Fire Chrono & DJ Alok Character: Chrono & DJ Alok are two of the most powerful and famous Free Fire characters with active abilities. Both characters can be used for different modes and challenges in the Battle of Gerena Free Fire.

Chrono VS DJ Alok Who is the better Free Fire Character for Rank Match March 2021

Rank Mode is one of the most competitive modes in Free Fire due to the tier system involving players in rank-pushing.

This article will look at comparing the abilities of Free Fire Character Chrono & DJ Alok to see which of them is the best choice in March 2021 for Rank Match.

Chrono VS DJ Alok Ability Comparison


What is DJ Alok Character Ability?


Who is best DJ Alok VS Hayato VS Shirou

DJ Alok has an active ability called Drop the Beat. At its base level, this ability can produce a 5m aura that increases associate speed by 10% and compensates 5 Health Point (HP)/s for 5 seconds.

At the maximum level, this ability increases associate speed by 15% and gives 5 Health Point (HP)/s for 10 seconds.

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What is Chrono Character Ability?


Free Fire Character Chrono

Chrono has an active ability named Time Turner.

At the initial level, this feature can create a force field that can prevent 600 damage from opponents. Chrono can shoot at enemies while remaining inside the force field. His speed also increases by 15%.

During skill activation, allies within the force field achieve a 10% increase in speed with an impact lasting for 4 seconds. The effect has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

At its maximum capacity, the time turner increases the player’s speed by 30%. This increases the speed of the ally by 15%. All effects last for 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.



Who is the better free fire character for a rank match? Chrono or DJ Alok

While DJ Alok and Chrono are both great characters to pick and play in Free Fire, the former (Dj Alok) has a slight advantage in the ranked mode.

While Chrono increases the speed of his allies and provides protection from enemy damage, DJ Alok provides players with a constant (Health Point) HP source, while not only increasing their speed, but also that of their allies.

Disclaimer: The choice of one character is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other depends on a person’s playing style

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  1. Himanshu Gupta

    Please give me Dj Alok in free or some daimand’s on my free fair UID 2289841394 please! Please! please! I request you

    1. Hello Himanshu, CLICK HERE to read How to get Free Diamonds Quickly in Free Fire 2021? And with the help of that diamonds, you can later purchase anything or you can also purchase Dj Alok.

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