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Claim: Corruption in Rafale deal between France and Indian middleman

Claim Corruption in Rafale: In the Rafale fighter jet deal between India and France, once again the genie of corruption has come out of the bottle. A French website has made several sensational revelations about the Rafale defense deal. A French media report claimed that Dassault, the French company that made Rafale, had to pay about Rs 8 crore 62 lakh as a ‘gift’ to a middleman in India.

Claim Corruption in Rafale deal between France and Indian middleman

The French website MediaPart on Sunday released a report called ‘Rafael Papers’. In which many more revelations made about the Rafale deal. The Rafael papers claimed that in the Rafale deal. Dassault Aviation gave crores of rupees to an Indian middleman in exchange for the Rafale deal. The report says that the Indian middlemen have been given 10 lakh euros, which is about 8 crore 62 lakh rupees. There is no correct response to the French anti-corruption officers on behalf of the Rafale Company regarding these funds.

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Mess in the Rafale deal


This reveals when AFA, the French anti-corruption agency, audited Dassault’s accounts. According to a MediaPart report. Dassault state in the disclosure that these funds use to make 50 big ‘models’ of Rafale fighter aircraft, but no such models were made. The report claim that the agency did not take any action even after this reveal in the audit. Which also shows the collusion of French politicians and the justice system. In fact, in 2018 in France, an agency Paraquette National Finance (PNF) had said that there was a mess in this deal. Only then the audit conduct and these things reveal.

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Dassault does not have answers to questions


The agency claim in its report that the ‘gift amount’ was defended by the Dassault Group. According to the report, it was shown from the invoice of the Indian company Defsys Solutions that they gave half the amount of 50 models prepare. The price of each model was more than 20 thousand Euros. However, Dassault Group had no response to all these allegations and did not respond to the audit agency. Also, Dassault could not tell to whom else he had given the gift amount?

The company has an old relationship with disputes


The Indian company, whose name has taken in this report, has also been dealing with controversies before. According to the report, the owner of the company has previously been jailed in the AgustaWestland scam case.

Explain that in the year 2016, the Indian government had signed a deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircraft from France. A dozen of these aircraft have also delivered to India and by 2022 all the aircraft will deliver. When this defense deal reaches, there was still a lot of controversy in India. Before the Lok Sabha elections. Congress had fiercely surrounded the Modi government on the issue of corruption in the purchase of Rafale fighter aircraft.

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