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Corona case in Mumbai, 90% infection in tall buildings

Corona case in Mumbai: The second wave of Corona has spread its foot in the country dangerously. Maharashtra is the only state in the country that is most affected by Corona. At the same time, corona cases are spreading very fast in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. At present, there are about 87 thousand active cases in Mumbai.

Corona case in Mumbai, 90%  infection in tall buildings

However, interestingly in the cases coming out in the second wave of Corona, this time 90% of the cases of Kovid-19 are coming from high-rise buildings and only ten percent of cases are coming from the slums. According to the data released by BMC, a large number of corona cases are coming out from the big buildings in Mumbai.

By media report, BMC data reveals that there were 79,032 active cases in Mumbai’s societies and buildings, while there were 8,411 active cases in slums. According to BMC, this data is only till April 16. Explain that during the first wave of Corona, two-thirds of the total infected cases of Mumbai came from slums. It was reported that the population density here is high.

According to media reports, 42 lakh people living in slums at that time were in the Containment Zone. While only eight lakh people living in the buildings were in the Containment Zone. After the second wave of Kovid-19, BMC has made a slight change in its SOP.

On April 5, BMC Commissioner IS Chahal issue a new SOP, stating that such housing societies should declare a micro containment zone where there are more than five active corona patients. He further said that the functionaries of these societies will give the task of following the Kovid guidelines. BMC data shows that the maximum number of 273 buildings in Andheri-Jogeshwari has  sealed.

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