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Corona Epidemic: Indian Navy begins Setu Samudram to bring oxygen

Corona Epidemic: The Indian Navy also involve in resolving the shortage of oxygen in the country due to the second wave of the Kovid-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic. The Navy has launched ‘Operation Sethu Samudram-2’ to bring liquid oxygen and other medical supplies from various countries in the Persian Gulf and South-East Asia. Under this, nine warships  sent to these countries.


Corona Epidemic Indian Navy begins Setu Samudram to bring oxygen

Naval Managing Commander Vivek Madhwal said on Wednesday that these nine warships sent from the three Navy commands in Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, and Kochi. The sending of these nine warships under ‘Operation Sethu Samudram-2’ is part of the various efforts of the Government of India and the Indian Navy to fulfill the requirement of oxygen in the country.

He said that of these nine warships. INS Talwar has already returned from Bahrain with two tanks filled with 27 tonnes of liquid oxygen to New Mangalore Port in Karnataka on Wednesday.

Similarly, INS Kolkata has left Kuwait to return with two 27 tonne oxygen-filled tanks, 400 oxygen cylinders, and 47 oxygen concentrators. Four other warships are on their way to Qatar and Kuwait. These four warships will return from these countries with 9 tanks filled with 27 tons of oxygen and more than 1500 oxygen cylinders.

Commander Madhwal said that INS Airavat on the Eastern Seaboard left Singapore on Wednesday. To return with more than 3600 oxygen cylinders and eight tankers filled with 27-27 tonnes of oxygen, 10,000 rapid antigen test kits, and seven oxygen concentrators.

He tells that another warship INS Jalashv is also a station in the same area, will join the mission on any short notice. INS Shardul has also left for the Persian Gulf from the Southern Navy Command in Kochi to bring three liquid oxygen-filled cryogenic containers.

Last year also played an important role


Let the Indian Navy also run Operation Samudra Setu last year. In which around 4000 Indians strand in Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Iran. Were brought back to the country during the lockdown as part of the Vande Bharat campaign. INS Jalashv and INS Shardul also participated in this campaign.

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