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Corona vaccination: Corona vaccination reached 50 percent

Corona vaccination: Corona vaccination reached 50 percent.

Corona vaccination Corona vaccination reached 50 percent


The campaign has reached close to 50 percent success 41 days after the introduction of

corona vaccination in the country. The central government ran this campaign from social media to mass campaigns,

which started in the country on January 16.

Although few percent of Corona vaccination reached 50 percent positive effects have seen on vaccination, still completing the first phase remains a long challenge.

According to government data, as of Friday, more than 1.42 crore people have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine.

While vaccinations were not held on Saturday and Sunday due to updating the Kovin App 2.0.

Under the first phase, the government had targeted to give corona vaccine first to three crore health workers and frontline workers,

but by February 26, 1,17,88,669 employees  receive the first dose, and 24,53,878 health

workers give the second dose.

The second dose of the Corona vaccine gives in the country since February 13.

This figure has crossed 24 lakhs in 14 days whereas it took 21 days for the government to achieve this target during the first dose.

The Ministry of Health has reported that 66,68,974 health workers and 51,19,695 frontline workers have taken the first dose of the corona vaccine so far.

While 24.53 lakh health workers have also received a second dose.

Since there is a difference of at least 28 days in giving from one dose to another.

Hence from next month, the time will come for the second dose to be given to the frontline workers.

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