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Corona vaccine in India: Worry about Growing Corona figures

Corona vaccine in India: India will likely not expand exports of Kovid-19 vaccines for the next few months, as its focus has shifted to meeting domestic demand as Coronavirus infection increases.

Corona Vaccine India: Worry about Growing Corona figures

Officials aware of the development said on Wednesday that India would fulfill its existing commitments from various countries, but would not increase exports for the next few months to meet domestic demand.

He informs the situation will be review after two-three months. India started on vaccines abroad on 20 January. India has sent 60 million doses of the vaccine in about 80 countries so far.

Explain that last week, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan had said in Rajya Sabha that India will not export vaccines at the cost of countrymen. He said that he wants to assure through the Parliament that the government is exporting the Corona vaccine keeping in mind the priorities.

Vaccines are not sold to foreign countries at the cost of Indian citizens from anywhere. For this, the experts of the highest level of government and committees are sitting in harmony and giving approval for this. Vardhan was earlier answering questions and supplementary questions raise by MPs to vaccinate Indians.

Congress MP Shakti Singh Gohil raised the issue of slow vaccination


During the Zero Hour, Shakti Singh Gohil of the Congress raised the issue of Corona’s ever-increasing and slowing vaccination. Singh said the corona is growing at an alarming pace. So far only 0.35 percent of the people vaccinated. At this rate, it will take 18 years to vaccinate the entire population.

He requested the government to speed up vaccination. Gohil said that the rate of vaccination should also reduce. This will also enable the common people to get vaccinated for speedy prevention. He said that the central government should combine vaccination campaigns keeping in mind the various factors of the vaccine drive.

India is giving corona vaccine to 72 countries


Harsh Vardhan had told the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday (March 16) that India is currently improving Corona vaccine to 72 countries of the world and due to this, India appreciates everywhere. He also said that the availability of the corona vaccine is ensuring domestic needs as well. India is providing its required vaccine to government and private hospitals as well as its responsibility towards the world. He informs that the Corona vaccine is available in the country as per the criteria set by the World Health Organization, scientists, and experts.

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