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Coronavirus: 52 million cases of corona in a week in the world

Coronavirus: The World Health Organization (WHO) has termed Kovid-19 levels as dangerous for eight consecutive weeks, saying that more than 52 lakh cases have been reported within the world in the last week.

Coronavirus 52 million cases of corona in a week in the world

Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesis stated that these are the highest number of cases of corona infection in a week since the epidemic began. During this period, the deaths also increased significantly.

The WHO Director-General has warned that the pace of the epidemic is accelerating. There have also been reports of vaccine commissioning in some countries. This will have a bad effect on measures to combat infection. He said it took nine months for the death toll to reach 10 lakh.

After this, the figure increased to 20 lakhs in the next four months while in just three months after that the figure has touched 30 lakhs. By Wednesday, the number of infected people in the world has crossed 14.36 crore while the death toll has risen to 30.60 lakh.

Tedros said the figure is a tragedy for families, communities, and countries. He said, even the youngest adults have to bear the brunt of the spread of the virus. In the new wave, the infection is increasing rapidly among those aged 25 to 59 years.

America keeps a close watch on epidemic prevalence in India


The US State Department has said that we are keeping a close watch on the spread of the Kovid-19 epidemic in India. A day after the Americans suggests avoiding traveling to India. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ned Price said, “For India or any country, we perform to doing everything we can do in the present time.” We are hopeful to control the virus.

America will increase vaccination coverage and production


The US is paying special attention to increasing the scope, production, and distribution of global vaccination. US State Department referring Ned Price said the US had rejoined the WHO. We have promised to give him two billion dollars now and two billion dollars later for the Kovacs facility. Apart from India, we have also talked to Canada and Mexico on this issue.

Indian corona infected again in Singapore


A 43-year-old Indian has become infected with the Coronavirus for the second time in 15 days in Singapore. Officials did not reveal the identity of the Indian, saying that the woman was found infect on April 2 and discharge from the hospital after the report came negative four days later. She is now infected again, and two of her relatives have also been infected.

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