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Cyber attack happening in retail and service industries

 Cyber attack:  Online burglaries and cyber-attacks are not new to our world. In the coming days, big banks and institutions remain their targets. Cybercriminals destroy computer systems worldwide. But in the last year, these cybercriminals have changed both their plans and targets. Now they are targeting more of the new areas.

 Cyber attack happening in retail and service industries

New areas are becoming targets


Organizations associated with business and professional services, retail and service, finance, healthcare, and high technology have been the areas that have been specifically targeted by cybercriminals in 2020. This has been revealed in a new report released.

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Highest cyber attack in retail and service industries sector


According to the ‘FireIMandient M-Trends 2021’ report, organizations related to retail and service industries have been more targeted in 2020. Ranking as the second most targeted industry, compared to 11th in last year’s report.

Cybercriminals are also under eye in healthcare


There has also been a significant increase in cyber attacks in the healthcare sector, which has become the third most targeted industry in 2020 as compared to eighth place in last year’s report.

Since the Coronavirus epidemic, health has been an area whose role has been seen the most. Meanwhile, the increased focus by street actors (skill in cyber attacks) can illustrate the important role played by the healthcare sector during the global pandemic.

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Whereas in the report of the previous year, a comparative decline in cyber infiltration observes in this area. At the same time, experts say that the incidence of cyber-attacks has increased in this area. According to the report, the incidence of cyber-attacks has increased by 59 percent in 2020. It has registered a growth of 12 points compared to 2019.

In a statement, Charles Karmakar, senior vice president, and chief technology officer at Mideant, an associate of cybersecurity company FireI, said, ‘Multipurpose extortion and ransomware are the most prevalent threats to organizations. In this year’s report, there is a possibility of infiltration of at least 36 percent for direct financial gain, which we have investigated.

He said that unauthorized access has seen more by organizations suffering from data theft. He said Kiransomware actors have targeted organizations more likely to pay extortion demands on a larger scale.

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