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Cyberattack: bank to the power grid, target of all cyber terrorists

Cyberattack: from bank to power grid, the target of all cyber terrorists

Pakistan does not have such a large army, as large as India has. The Chinese military has a cyber unit. In such a situation, we not only have to be alert from our neighboring enemy countries, but we also have to be very alert in terms of cybersecurity.

In this context, we have to protect websites with important information from banks that operate the economy of our country, including the electricity grid and big ministries. Because cyber terrorists (Cyberattack)can attack them to harm the country.

From bank to the power grid, the target of all cyber terrorists

At the International Cyber and Information Security Conference 2021, which began on Monday, experts discussed cybersecurity.

The conference organized by the Global Counter-Terrorism Council, HCL Founder Cyber Security Expert Ajay Chaudhary, said that Pakistan does not have as much army as India has.

Therefore, Pakistan can cyber attack India.
There have also been cases of a cybersecurity threat. Chaudhary said that in many developed countries of the world, the army also has a cybersecurity unit. These cybersecurity units use to defeat their enemy from the field of technology besides water, land, air.
He told that enemy countries can launch any type of cyber attack at any time from their national economy to destroy completely the power system. For this, the country will have to be alert for cybersecurity.

Discussion on  Cyberattack


Cyber expert Chaudhary said that understanding IoT (Internet of Things) is very important. Where previously there was man-to-machine connectivity, now machine-to-machine connectivity is increasing in the changing world.
5,000 thousand crore electronic devices connect all over the world. Citing the Cisco report, he said that 70 percent of these 5,000 crore electronic devices are devices that are very important.

That is, how much the risk increases due to machine-to-machine connectivity.

It can estimate that 50 billion (5000 crores) machines connected.

Chaudhary said that there is a lot on the internet which is irregular.

If more than 50 billion machines connect all over the world, then it is very important for them to have rules and regulations.
However, so far there is no provision of stringent rules law. There is a need to be very alert and alert especially about data privacy. However, the Central Government made some guidelines, which are to convert into law, which will definitely benefit.
But when we talk about the national scenario, we should work to improve and strengthen our cybersecurity forces to stay alert from our enemy countries.

  Reason of cyberattacks



There is still a huge shortage of Global Cyber Security Force all over the world.

Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jagdish Kumar says that it will be very important for us to know who are our enemies in cyberspace.
This idea is not accurate in the initial phase. Therefore, it is very important that we have such technology that we can identify our enemy and counterattack him.
Jagdish Kumar says that realizing his strength through cyber war has become the priority of countries all over the world. This is the reason why cyberattacks are constantly increasing.

Kanwal Sibal, former Foreign Secretary and member of the Advisory Board of the Global Counter-Terrorism Council stated the need to be very alert in the case of cybersecurity.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, who was attending this conference.

Said that we should be very much alert towards cybersecurity in the coming times.
Be especially careful of cyberattacks from your neighboring enemy countries. Many well-known security experts of the country took part in this virtual conference which started on Monday.

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