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Detective Panda VS Beaston : Comparing Best Pet in Free Fire

Detective Panda VS Beaston, Comparing Best Pet in Free Fire: Garena Free Fire boasts a variety of pets that, like in-game characters, have special abilities that give players an advantage in a match.

Detective Panda VS Beaston  Comparing Best Pet in Free Fire

The Beaston on Free Fire has one of the most recent additions to the pet list. Meanwhile, Detective Panda is one of the most sought after pets in the game Garena Free Fire.

This article compares the best pet in Free Fire between these two pets to determine which is the better pick in the game.

Which pet is better in Free Fire?

Assessing the abilities of Detective Panda and the Beast in Free Fire.

Detective Panda VS Beaston

Detective Panda’s Feature – Panda’s Blessing

Which pet is best in Free Fire

Panda has an ability called Panda’s Blessing.

This ability restores 4HP on every kill. When level 7 is maxed out, Detective Panda’s ability can restore 10HP on every kill, its amazing for a player like a sharp killer.

Beaston Feature – Helping Hands

Best pet in free Fire

Beaston has a great ability called Helping Hand. At its initial level, it increases the throwing distance of grenades, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades by 10%.

When the level is maxed to 7, the throwing distance increases by 30%.

Both Beaston & Detective Panda are great pets in Free Fire. However, based on their abilities, Detective Panda is a better pet than Beaston.

While Beaston can increase the throwing range of certain items, Panda’s ability to restore HP on a kill is incredibly useful for players on the battlefield, especially in the mid of intense combat.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal views of the author. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and completely prioritizing over another depends on one person’s playing style.

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