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Detective Panda VS Falco: Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

Detective Panda VS Falco: Pets have an important role in Garena Free Fire. They have special abilities that give players a significant advantage on the virtual battlefield, affecting gameplay.

Detective Panda VS Falco Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

In this article Detective Panda VS Falco compares two free fire pets to determine who is better, on the basis of their features.

Detective Panda VS Falco Comparison


What are Detective Panda’s features?

Detective Panda VS Falco comparison

Detective Panda’s ability is Panda’s Blessings.

Detective Panda has a great ability called Panda’s Blessing. At its initial level, this ability can restore 4 HP with each kill in Free Fire.

When this pet is Level 7 and Skill Level 3 is maximized, the panda can recover 10 HP with each kill. Isn’t is a great ability?

What are Falco’s features?

Which is the best pet Detective Panda or Falco

Falco’s ability is Skyline Spree.

Falco has a capability called Skyline Spree. At its base level, the capability provides a 15 percent increase in gliding speed and a 25 percent increase in diving speed after the parachute opens. These effects apply to the entire squad.

When this pet is at level 7, the gliding speed is increased by 45 percent, while the diving speed is increased by 50 percent.



Which one is the better pet?

Detective Panda or Falco.

Both Detective Panda and Falco are great pets for players to play with in free fire. However, when one considers the use on the ground, the predecessor is a better option than the latter.

While Falco can help players in early fights by increasing diving speed, Panda offers a more useful advantage on the battleground as its ability can restore HP with every kill.

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