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Detective Panda vs Ottero: Which pet in Free Fire is a better healer

Detective Panda vs Ottero: Garena Free Fire includes a lot of pets and characters. While most players know the significant role of free fire character, pets are equally important in helping characters as well as players on the battleground.

Detective Panda vs Ottero Which pet in Free Fire is a better healer

The game has many pets with many unique and useful abilities that are really helpful.

However, it is a well-known fact that healing abilities have always been considered one of the most beneficial abilities in Free Fire.

This healing ability can be found in the skills of Detective Panda and Ottero in Free Fire.

This article will compare the capabilities of Ottero & Detective Panda to see which of them has better healing abilities.

Ottero & Detective Panda Abilities Comparison




Free Fire Pet Ottero

What is Ottero Ability?

This pet has a capability called Double Blubber. Players can use this ability by using a Treatment Gun or Med Kit to restore the Energy Point (EP). The amount of Energy Point (EP) recovered is 35% of restored Health Point (HP).

The number of converted Energy points (EP) increases to 65% at their maximum pet level of 7.

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Free Fire Pet Detective Panda

What is Detective Panda Ability?

Panda’s blessing is a remarkable skill that Detective Panda has. Ability to recover 4 Health Point (HP) with each enemy kill at its initial level.

However, when this pet is maxed, Panda’s Blessing will restore 10 Health Point (HP) per kill.



Who is the Best Pet? Detective Panda or Ottero

Both Ottero and Detective Panda have tremendous healing abilities that support players during critical moments on the battleground. The abilities of Ottero & Panda are very different, as per their use.

In terms of simplicity and feasibility, Ottero capability is very easy to use as it fixesEnergy Point (EP) when users apply a treatment gun or Medi.

However, better effects and better results are offered by Detective Panda. This directly restores the player’s Health Point (HP) with each oppenents is kill.

The only drawback of Panda ability is that players have to kill an enemy with a pet, which is not always a viable option in most circumstances.

Both Ottero & Panda are useful but under different conditions and circumstances. Detective Panda is the best healer in Clash Squad mode, while Otero is an effective healer in Rank mode of Free Fire.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal views of the author. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other depends on a person’s playing style.

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