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Detective Panda VS Robo: Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

Detective Panda VS Robo: Pets and characters are one of many unique elements in Garena Free Fire. They are not just for cosmetic purposes. Some pets have a unique skill/ability that increases their chances of winning on the battlefield.

Detective Panda VS Robo Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

Users can purchase one of the game’s currencies, spending the in-game items with diamonds.

Robo and Detective Panda are two of the many pets available in the game.

Detective Pando vs Robo Comparison


What are Detective Panda’s features?

which pet is best Detective Panda VS Robo

Detective Panda’s Ability is Panda’s Blessing.

Detective Panda has a remarkable ability that replaces a certain amount of HP with every kill. At level 1, the pet will enable users to regain 4 HP on one kill. This pet is important in level 7 or skill level 3 as it can restore 10 HP when it kills enemies.

What are Robo’s features?

Detective Panda VS Robo pet which one is best

Robo’s Ability is Wall Enforcement.

The Wall Enforcement adds a shield on Gloo Wall, providing an additional 60 HP. This skill is gradually increased as the level increases. This adds a shield to the circular walls at the highest level, providing an additional 100 HP.



Which pet is better? Detective Pando vs Robo

Both pets have excellent skills in the Garena Free Fire. Detective Panda’s ability restores HP while Robo wall enforcement increases the durability of walls.

Detective Panda appears to have the upper hand, however. HP Recover is only at 10 and higher which may not appear significant but is extremely useful in crunch situations.

Robo’s ability adds a shield in front of the glow wall, which increases durability but not to a great extent. It will eventually be destroyed with a few extra bullets.

The selection of pets is ultimately influenced by the playing style of the users. Both of these can be purchased directly from an in-game store worth 699 diamonds.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the author. The choice of pets is quite subjective. It depends on preference, and what may be the best option for one person may not be so for another.

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