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Detective Panda VS Spirit Fox: Which pet in Free Fire is a better healer

Detective Panda VS Spirit Fox: Garena Free Fire has plenty of pets and characters. While most users are aware of the value Free Fire characters bring to the table, pets are sometimes overlooked. However, pets can also greatly support players on the battleground.

Detective Panda VS Spirit Fox Which pet in Free Fire is a better healer

Many pets and animals have many special abilities in the game. But healing skills are always the most beneficial for obvious reasons. Detective Panda & Spirit Fox are 2 characters who have healing features.

This article will compare the abilities of Spirit Fox & Detective Panda, to see which Free Fire Pet has an improved healing ability.

Spirit Fox & Detective Panda Abilities Comparison




Free Fire Pet Detective Panda

What is Detective Panda Ability?

Panda’s blessing is a remarkable skill that Detective Panda has. Ability to recover 4 Health Point (HP) with each enemy kill at its initial level.

However, when this pet is maxed, Panda’s Blessing will restore 10 Health Point (HP) per kill.

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Free Fire Spirit Fox Pet

What is Spirit Fox Ability?

Spirit Fox’s ability is called Well Fed.

Spirit Fox can regenerate 4 extra Health Point (HP) using a basic health kit in its initial stages.

However, Spirit Fox can recover 10 extra Health Point (HP) by using a health pack if it maxes out to level 7.


Who is the Best Pet? Detective Pandaa or Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox & Detective Panda have incredible healing powers that assist players during critical moments on the battleground. But Fox & Panda’s skills use differs.

Spirit Fox ability is easy to use and possible because it restores Health Point (HP) as soon as a medi kit is used. On the other hand, Detective Panda has more utility with quick results. The player Health Point (HP) will immediately recover with each enemy kill.

However, the only downside to Panda’s skill is that it is activated only after the player kills an opponent, which is not always possible.

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