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DJ Alok VS Wolfrahh: Who is the best Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

DJ Alok VS Wolfrahh Character: The Factory Challenge in Free Fire is a custom room challenge created and played by popular content creators on YouTube. This battle challenge sees two players landing on the top of the factory, an area located on the Bermuda map, to battle against each other.

DJ Alok VS Wolfrahh Who is the best Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

Players can use any character of their choice for this battle challenge. Garena Free Fire currently has more than 37 characters to pick from.

This article compares two popular characters of Free Fire, DJ Alok & Wolfrahh, to declare which free fire character is a better pick for Factory Challenge.

DJ Alok vs Wolfrahh Character Ability Comparison

What is DJ Alok Character Ability?


Free Fire Character DJ Alok

DJ Alok Character Ability is Drop The Beat.

At its initial level, this ability creates a 5m aura that increases associate speed by 10% and restores 5 Health point (HP)/s for five seconds.

Drop the Beat can evolve to six levels using a character level-up card. At the highest level, this ability increases associate speed by 15% and restores 5 Health Point (HP)/s for 10 seconds.

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What is Wolfrahh Character Ability?


Free Fire Wolfrahh Character

Wolfrahh has the ability named Limelight.

With each additional viewer, this ability reduces the damage taken by the headshot from 3% to 25%. Damage to enemy limbs also increases from 3% to 15%.

At the maximum level, damage taken from headshots is reduced by 5% to 30%, and damage on enemy limbs increases from 5% to 20%.



Who is the better character for Factory Battle Challenge? DJ Alok or Wolfrahh.

While DJ Alok & Wolfrahh in Free Fire are great picks for Classic and Clash Squad modes, the former (DJ Alok) is the best choice for the Factory Challenge.

DJ Alok’s ability to recover his own health as well as his increased speed will give him an advantage over his opponent in fist or melee weapon battles.

On the other hand, Wolfrah needs an audience/viewers to use his abilities, which means he is not as useful in the Factory Challenge.

Note: Since Factory Challenge in Garena Free Fire has a custom room mode, the choice of weapon depends entirely on the solo player. Battles are usually 1v1, and the popular weapons used here are melee & fist. This article compares two characters based on these criteria.

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