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Facebook alleges discrimination in hiring and promotions,

Complaints in hiring and promotions: Facebook

The social media company Facebook has accused of apartheid. Four people, including an employee, have alleged that the company on Facebook discrimination against in hiring and promotions. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-EEOC has started an investigation into these allegations.

Facebook alleges discrimination in hiring and promotions,
At the same time, Facebook has kept silent on this whole matter. The Commission suspects that decisions are taken on the basis of Racial Bias on a large scale on Facebook.

This is how EEOC works


The EEOC usually resolves disputes through arbitration and also allows complainants to sue employers if needed. The Commission is organizing a ‘Systemic Probe’ on the charges against Facebook.
In such an investigation, the help of experts taken to analyze the company’s data, and a lawsuit is fil on the same basis.

Facebook’s operations program manager Oscar Veneszee Jr. and three other people applying for jobs had approached the ‘Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’, accusing the company of discrimination.
The four say that Facebook discriminates against Black people and the decision of jobs and promotions is took by looking at the caste and religion of the people. After receiving the complaint, the commission has started an investigation but has not told much about it.

Facebook defends itself


At the same time, Facebook referring to Andy Stone refused to say anything about the investigation or allegations. He only said that it is necessary to provide a respectable and safe working environment to all employees.
We take seriously any allegations of discrimination and investigate every matter. According to the victims’ lawyer Peter Roemer-Freedman, the EEOC is conducting a systemic investigation of the case and necessary documents have been taken in this regard from both sides.

Questions raised on the policy


Peter Roemer-Freedman said that it is also a policy of Facebook that if an employee refers a candidate and gets a job, then the employee is concerned a given a bonus of five thousand dollars.
Usually, employees refer candidates like themselves, due to which the chances of getting jobs for black people reduce. In response to this, Facebook says that as of June last year, only 3.9 of its American employees were black.

Allegations have been made earlier also


By the way, this is not the first case when Facebook has been accused of discrimination. In December last year, the US Department of Justice also raped the company in one such case.
The Justice Department said that Facebook discriminated against American employees. He preferred Americans to H-1B visa holders over jobs.

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