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Facebook is making Instagram for Kids under 13 years of age

Facebook is making Instagram for Kids: There will now be a separate social network for children. Social media giant Facebook is now going to develop a special social app for young children too. This special social media will be able to use children for idea sharing and entertainment.

 Facebook is making Instagram for Kids under 13 years of age

Facebook can launch a new Instagram Kids. This platform will be especially for children up to 13 years. Instagram head Adam Mosseri says that questions asked for Instagram Kids for a long time. In this new app, children will get a chance to connect with their friends.

Parents will control


Adam Mosseri further revealed that Instagram Kids will also be like Facebook Messenger. Parents will have special control over this app. Work on this new app is in progress. In the coming days, other information related to this will be shared.

Recently Facebook has also re-launched Instagram Lite


Let’s say that these days Facebook is giving special emphasis to its photo-sharing app Instagram. Recently, the company has relaunched its Instagram Lite for cheap smartphones. The special feature of this app is that it takes up very little space in the phone. However, in this light version, you cannot enjoy Instagram Reels.

Apart from this, Facebook has also mentioned for the first time to give money to video creators. Now people who create short videos for Facebook will monetize. The company says that money will be given to the creators who make videos for up to three minutes. The company will show advertisements in videos of such creators. A part of the income generated from this will be shared with the creators.

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