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Facebook Zuckerberg and Apple Tim Cook possess bad relationship

Facebook and Apple possess a bad relationship:  At the July 2019 meeting in San Francisco Sun Valley, Apple’s Timothy D. Cook (Tim Cook) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg met and tried to improve relations. At the time, due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook criticizes by US lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and senior officers of many big companies including Cook.

Facebook Zuckerberg and Apple Tim Cook possess bad relationship

Facebook profiling about 50 million American voters allowed the firm, Analytica, to indirectly influence elections. In the meeting, Zuckerberg asked how to handle the scandal. In response, Cook said, I would delete the data of people from the rest of the apps associated with the company except Facebook. Zuckerberg was shocked by the answer.

Facebook’s business is run by people’s personal data repositories. This is how he gets advertisements. He earns $ 7,000 million annually. Cook had told him that Facebook’s business was a sham. Today, after 2 years, both of them have waged an open war against each other. On Monday of this week, a new privacy feature release on the iPhone. In this, Facebook and similar apps will be able to track users only after the permission of iPhone users. User tracking is the backbone of the advertising business.

Technology companies like Facebook track and study people’s online habits for digital advertising. Sends them targeted advertisements on their own. It appraises that with this new feature of Apple, most people will stop this tracking of Facebook.

The relationship is so bad that Mark Zuckerberg has gone for a meal and a walk with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Cook regularly connects with Larry Page, the founder of Google, but Cook and Zuckerberg do not have such an informal meeting.

This is how the feud started


In 2010, Eddie Q, Apple’s digital service manager, met with Zuckerberg for a software partnership. Here Zuckerberg explained to Apple that if they make a compromise, Apple will have to bow down, otherwise, Facebook is happy to work alone. Apple saw it as a boast to Mark Zuckerberg. This was the beginning of the feud between the two companies and their heads.

But time-dependent on each other


The animosity of both of them continues to manifest, but both of their businesses became dependent on each other over time. The iPhone became the main device through which people use Facebook’s apps. On the other hand, Facebook and its purchased WhatsApp and Instagram became the most downloaded apps on Apple’s app store.

Business doubts too big


Around 2014, Facebook began to realize that Apple could stop its app from growing. Concern was further heightened when Apple delayed the release of Facebook’s app updates on its app store several times.

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