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Falco VS Dreki: Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

Flaco VS Dreki: Garena Free Fire Pets not only act as companions to players on the virtual battlefield, but they also have special abilities and features that can help their leader beat their opponents in a battle.

Falco VS Dreki Comparing features of the two pet of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire recently introduced a new pet named Dreki in Free Fire. Dreki is now available at the Dreki Top Up event, where players can achieve it by topping up 300 Garena Free Fire diamonds.

This article compares Dreki in Free Fire, with a popular pet Falco, to determine which is better to use in the battle.

Falco VS Dreki Pet Comparison


Free Fire Dreki Pet

What is Dreki Pet Ability?

Dreki has a special ability called Dragon Glare.

At its initial level, this ability can detect opponents that are using Medkit within a radius of 10 meters. It lasts only for three seconds.

At this Pet max Level 7 and with Skill Level 3, Dragon Glare can detect opponents that are using Medkit within a 30-meter radius. The effect lasts for 5 seconds.

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Free Fire Falco Pet

What is Falco Pet Ability?

Falco has a capability called Skyline Spree.

At its initial level, this ability provides a 15% increase in gliding speed and a 25% increase in diving speed after the player’s parachute opens. These effects will apply to the entire team member.

At its max level and with skill level 3, the skyline spree will increase gliding speed by 45%. Meanwhile, diving speed will increase by 50%.


Free Fire’s both pet Dreki & Falcon has useful abilities.

Falco ability to increase gliding and diving speed during landing is useful for players who want to raise early fights. It can also help them collect loot faster than their opponents as they will land on the battlefield first amng their enemy.

On the other hand, Dreki ability is ideal for offensive players who want to record a high kill count. The ability can help players easily locate enemies that are hidden around them ( by using medikits). They can then catch them off-guard and kill them.

Having said that, since Falco’s ability is limited from aircraft to diving, Drake is a more suitable option on the battlefield because its ability can be used throughout the battle on the virtual ground.

Disclaimer: This article fully reflects the opinion of the author. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and prioritizing each other depends on a person’s playing style.

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