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Finally Free Fire India Officially Declares a new Character named Skyler

Free Fire Character Skyler: Finally, Free Fire has officially declared the release of Skyler, a new character on the basis of Vietnamese artist Son Tung M-TP.

Finally Free Fire India Officially Declares a new Character named Skyler

The popular Battle Royale game, Free Fire has a variety of characters. Except for Primis and Nulla, each of them has special abilities that help the player on the battlefield.

Gerena has collaborated with many celebrities in the past, including football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, renowned musicians DJ Alok and KSHMR, and more. As a part of these collaborations, characters based on celebrities were added to Free Fire.

The latest addition to the game now appears to be a character based on Vietnamese artist Son Tung M-TP.

Garena Free Fire Character Skyler


Garena Free Fire announcement regarding Skyler’s release reads:

“Free Fire has officially announced the release of Skyler, a character inspired by artist Son Tung M-TP. He will be the first Vietnamese character to join the Free Fire superstar universe! Skyler will be joining us real soon – make sure to add this special character into your list of owned characters!”

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Free Fire Skyler Character


Free Fire Skyler Character

Skyler’s in-game description reads:

“Skyler is a CEO and superstar.”

What is Skyler Character Ability?

Skyler has an active capability called Riptide Rhythm, which moves a sound wave, damaging 5 glow walls in a radius of 50 meters. Each Glow Wall deployed will increase the player’s Health Points (HPs) recovery, starting at 4 points. It has a 60-second cooldown and does not stack recovery effects.

At the max level, the capacity increases the radius by 100 meters. Health Points (HPs) recovery is also been increased to 9 points, and Colddown’s duration has been reduced to 40 seconds.

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