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Free Fire Holi Event: Get Free Neon Bunnyhead

Neon Bunnyhead: Get Free Fire Neon Bunnyhead for Free. Garena Free Fire offers many items & costume bundles through special events or from the in-game stores. Recently, the Holi program was introduced, where gamers can win exclusive and exciting prizes for free by completing various tasks.

Free Fire Holi Event Get Free Neon Bunnyhead

The event concluded on 28th March, but the competition to win the free prize is still in progress. Garena Free Fire announced a new event at the end of the Holi program, called “Friends Call Back for Holi Festival”.

Upon completion of this task, a program promises to give Neon Bunnyhead headwear for free. This article shares every detail about how players can complete the event to receive this headwear for free.

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How to Get Free Neon Bunnyhead from Free Fire Holi Event 


This event is held from 28th March to 31st March, and therefore, users have only one day left to collect this free reward.

A friend of the user who are offline for an extended period may be invited back to the game. At least 3 friends have to enter the game back so that the particular player can win the Neon Bunnyhead headwear.

Gamers can follow these steps mentioned below to complete the tasks and invite offline friends:

How to Get Free Neon Bunnyhead from Free Fire Holi Event  Step 1

1. Users need to enter the free fire game and wait for the lobby screen to appear. You can then navigate to the ‘Friends’ icon in the top right corner of the lobby screen.

How to Get Free Neon Bunnyhead from Free Fire Holi Event  Step 2

2. Players can then click on the ‘Call Back’ tab and click on the callback option to invite their friends.

3. A list of invitees will open. Gamers can then tap on the ‘invite’ option and share messages via social media to invite their friends to log in back into the game.

4. After at least 3 friends of a player successfully enter the game, the player will be able to claim the Neon Bunny headwear as a reward.

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