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Free Fire Maro VS Xayne Character OB27 update – Abilities Comparison

Maro VS Xayne Character: Garena Free Fire recently was updated with OB27 update, which brought a lot of latest features, weapon adjustments, and UI changes on the game. The update also brought 2 new characters to the game: Maro & Xayne.

Free Fire Maro VS Xayne Character OB27 update - Abilities Comparison

Along with Maro & Xayne, Free Fire now has a total of thirty-nine characters. Like most characters in the game, Maro & Zayne also have special abilities that can help players on the battlefield.

This article compares the abilities of Maro VS Xayne Character to determine who is a best character in Garena Free Fire.

Maro and Xayne Character Abilities Comparison



Free Fire Maro Character

What is Maro character ability?

Maro has a passive ability called Falcon Fervor. According to its in-game description, Maro is a falconer who loves bow hunting.

At its initial (level 1), this ability increases damage by a distance of up to 5%. It also increases damage by 1% to pointed enemies.

At its max level (level 6), Falcon Fervor increases damage by 25%. Meanwhile, damage to pointed enemy increased by 3.5%.

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Free Fire Xayne Character

Xayne has an active ability called the Xtreme Encounter. According to her in-game description, Xayne is an extreme athlete who loves to travel.

At its initial level (level 1), this ability temporarily grants the user with 80 Health Point (HP). It also provides 40% increased damage to glow walls & shields. This effect lasts for ten seconds, with a cooldown of 150 seconds.

At its max level (level 6), the Xtreme Encounter causes up to 100% damage to Glow’s walls & shields. Meanwhile, the cooldown time is reduced to 100 seconds.


Who is better? Xayne or Maro.

As previously said, Xayne & Maro are the new characters in Garena Free Fire. Although Xayne is currently accessible to users, Maro has not yet been made available.

Xayne is said to be a character who possesses immense strength. She offers 80 Health Point (HP) to users on the battlefield, which can help a lot when she is out of medi’s. In addition to her healing ability, she also has an offensive skill that destroys enemy glow walls & shields.

Maro, on the other hand, can increase damage at a distance. This is an incredibly useful ability during long-range fighting. He can also increase damage to marked enemies, even if in small amounts.

Right now based on their abilities, Xayne seems to be a more useful character in free fire than Maro.

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