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Free Fire New character Xayne OB27 Update: Everything you need to know

Free Fire New character Xayne: In Free Fire Characters play an important role. They each have special abilities, except Primis & Nulla, who help players on the virtual battlefield.

Free Fire New character Xayne OB27 Update Everything you need to know

Garena often introduces new characters into the game using various updates. The OB27 Free Fire update, which is set to release on April 14 (i.e today), will bring a new character Xayne to the Free Fire game.

Note: The capabilities described in this article are derived from the Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server. The character and its capabilities may change upon its release.

Free Fire New character Xayne


Free Fire New character Xayne

As said above, Xayne is set to come to Free Fire with the OB27 update.

The character was previously available in the OB27 Advance Server, where some players were able to test her abilities.

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Free Fire Character Xayne

What is Xayne character ability?

Xayne has an ability called the Xtreme Encounter. At its initial level, this ability will provide 100 Health Point (HP) as well as 50% increased damage to Gloo walls and shields. All effects last for 8 seconds, with a 150-second of cooldown.

At the max level, damage to spherical walls and shields increases up to 80%. Meanwhile, the cooldown duration is reduce to 100 seconds.

In addition to the new character, several other features will be implement in the OB27 Free Fire update. Here are some new features that the developers have announced till now:

  • Latest gun: Kord
  • Alterations in the character UI & leveling system
  • Merging of awakened & normal abilities
  • Clash Squad store changes
  • Permanent introduction of Bermuda Remastered
  • New revival mechanism
  • Ability balancing

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