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Free Fire VS COD Mobile: Which Battle Royale Game is Best

Free Fire VS COD Mobile: The Battle Royal category is one of the most run sections in the major app stores. Free Fire and COD Mobile are two popular games in this particular genre. Both games offer their users the ultimate battle royale and survival experience.

Free Fire VS COD Mobile Which Battle Royale Game is Best

Players can choose heavy weapons from both pistols to sniper rifles in both assault game. There are also options for voice chat. Players can also play from their own squad and with their friends or other random players. In this article Free Fire VS Cod Mobile, we should discuss which is the best Battle Royal game.

Comparison of Free Fire VS COD Mobile:




Comparison on Free Fire VS COD Mobile

In the size section, Free Fire game has a slight edge over the COD mobile game. COD Mobile has a total file download size of over 1.5 GB, which will take up a lot of space on your smartphone. Free Fire comes with reduced size of around 600–800MB, and therefore will take up less storage space on the device.

2. Comparison of Graphics


Which game is better Free Fire or COD Mobile

The main difference between the two Battle Royal games is which game has better graphics quality. In this case, COD Mobile provides high-quality HD graphics and other mobility. Free Fire also has good quality graphics but lacks the realistic touch that is available in COD mobile games.

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3. Battle Ground Maps & Mode


Which game to play Free Fire or COD Mobile


Both games have amazing modes and lots of maps to play. Free Fire has fewer modes and maps than COD Mobile. In addition, Free Fire can only have 50 players on the island per match, while COD Mobile has a total of 100 players available for each match. This enhances the overall fun and battle royal gameplay experience.

4. Game Compatibility


Free Fire and COD Mobile Compability

Another major difference between the two battle royale games is compatibility and major requirements. Free Fire does not require any higher-end specifications such as more RAM and processors to run smoothly at extreme settings. In the case of COD Mobile, its graphics require at least 4 GB of RAM and a stable processor to handle and run smoothly.



Which game is better? Free Fire or COD Mobile.

The final decision comes to a person’s smartphone capability and personal preference. Free Fire can also run smoothly on low-end smartphones, while a high-end specification is required on your device to run COD Mobile properly.

COD Mobile has an improved weapon system and more maps and modes to detect, while free fire lacks it. It is recommended to try both games on your smartphone, and after that, you can easily choose which game suits a player better.

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